What makes a documentary about a street photographer?

As the name states, “Contacts”, the concept of the documentary is to show a series of numerous contact sheets and to listen to the photographer’s voice, explaining the reasons why he chose the slide he chose, or just simply talking about his work.

Who are the best street photographers in the world?

Joel Meyerowitz is an inspiration to thousands of Street Photographers all over the world. He loves blending into the streets and taking photos of unique situations. In this documentary, Colin L. Westerbeck, Jr. interviews the photographer, while hanging out with him on the streets of New York City.

Where can I watch a documentary on photography?

This photography documentary luckily can be found on YouTube so you can start watching it today. It was filmed in 1983 and it was a BBC production. The aim of this short documentary series was to interview the Master Photographers showing some of their selected work. The featured photographers are all Grand Masters, well known for their work.

Is there a movie about a real photographer?

This British movie relates the real-life affair between photographer David Bailey (Aneurin Barnard) and model Jean Shrimpton (Karen Gillan), while on a one-week assignment in New York for Vogue in 1962. The film-makers went to great pains to recreate the photos from the original shoot, using a combination of props, and computer-generated imagery.

What does it mean to be a street photographer?

The latter-day Street Photographer is typically possessed of a particular attitude; someone who sees their art as a calling or vocation. Street Photography is as much about a “state of mind” and a Street Photographer is someone who tends to treat their camera as a constant companion.

Who are some famous people in street photography?

Associated initially with Paris, and figures such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï and André Kertész, Street Photography became recognized as a genre in its own right during the early 1930s.

When was the Golden Age of street photography?

The mid-1960s and early-1970s became the “golden-age” of Street Photography when the likes of the Arbus, Winogrand and Lee Friedlander allowed their own sassy personalities to impinge on the images of their subjects.