What magazines do Bauer Media own?

H Bauer Publishing brands Titles include women’s weekly and TV listings magazines, namely Bella, Take a Break, that’s life! TVChoice and Total TVGuide along with a number of puzzle magazines. In 1987 Bella was H Bauer’s first venture into publishing in the UK.

What magazines have been axed?

Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Good Health, NW and OK! magazines have all been axed, with the new owners Mercury Capital citing a catastrophic drop in advertising revenue due to Covid-19.

Who bought Bauer Media?

Mercury Capital
Bauer Media Australia’s staff, print and digital assets and New Zealand mastheads have all now been transferred to Mercury Capital as part of the deal which is rumoured to be worth less than $50m.

Are Media weekly magazines?

Are Media is an Australian media company that was formed after the 2020 purchase of the assets of Bauer Media Australia, which had in turn acquired the assets of Pacific Magazines, AP Magazines and Australian Consolidated Press during the 2010s. It is owned by the Sydney investment firm Mercury Capital.

How much is Yvonne Bauer worth?

2.3 billion USD (2021)
Yvonne Bauer/Net worth

How much does Bauer Media make a year?

How much does Bauer Media pay per year? The average Bauer Media salary ranges from approximately £24,000 per year for a Senior Video Producer to £46,680 per year for a Key Account Director.

Is Harper’s Magazine the same as Harper’s Bazaar?

Harper’s Magazine is a wordy, smart magazine for self-satisfied liberals. Harper’s Bazaar is a glossy fashion magazine. But according to the publisher of Harper’s, it’s a constant battle to make sure people don’t confuse the two.

What media does Bauer produce?

BAUER AUDIO Spanning 8 countries – the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Slovakia, Bauer Media Audio owns leading brands including KISS, Mix Megapol, Absolute Radio, Magic Radio, Radio Norge, Radio Expres, Radio Nova, Radio 100, Today FM, Newstalk and RMF.

Is Bauer a German company?

BAUER Aktiengesellschaft is a stock-market-listed construction and machinery manufacturing concern based in Schrobenhausen in Upper Bavaria, Germany. In 2018, the companies of the BAUER Group employed some 12,000 people in around 70 countries and achieved total Group revenues of EUR 1.7 billion.

Are Bauer Media?

Mercury Capital has announced the new title for the Bauer Media properties it acquired earlier this year. The new title for the existing content and experiences company is Are Media, representing the ‘key foundations’ of the business – audience, reach and engagement.

Who owns Paragon media?

Ian Brooks
Ian Brooks – Owner – Paragon Media Pty Ltd | LinkedIn.

How did Bauer Media’s purchase of ACP ravaged the?

And yet Bauer’s ownership of ACP has been a disaster. Dozens of magazines, including Cleo, Grazia and FHM, have been closed or suspended, and hundreds of staff retrenched. “The saddest part about this whole debacle is that [Bauer] single-handedly decimated the magazine industry here.”

Who is the owner of Bauer Media Australia?

ACP was rebranded as Bauer Media Australia. The publisher had many tie-ins with other Nine Entertainment Co. companies, such as Nine Network programs ( Burke’s Backyard and Good Medicine) and the Magshop web service which is now operated by Bauer Media Group. In October 2019, Bauer agreed terms to purchase Pacific Magazines from Seven West Media.

What are the names of the Bauer Magazines?

Our titles connect with a nationwide audience of readers across diverse editorial segments: women’s (Woman’s World, Celebrate, First for Women) and science and technology (iD – Ideas & Discoveries). Bauer Magazines deliver pure circulation driven by consumer demand.

How much money did Bauer Media lose in 8 years?

Through a combination of ineptitude, hubris and poor timing, Bauer has crippled the business, losing what Morrison estimates to be $800 million in eight years. The final act came in mid-June, when Bauer sold the magazine group to the Australian private equity group, Mercury Capital, reportedly for between $35 million and $50 million.