What kind of dogs do Russian prisons use?

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs served as guard dogs, bear hunting dogs and today they work as prison guard dogs in Russia.

How much is a Russian Caucasian Mountain dog?

Breed Information
Weight 99-154 pounds (45-70 kg)
Colors Black Cream Gray Silver White Yellow
Litter Size 5-10 puppies
Puppy Prices Average $1000 – $3000 USD An average price for the Caucasian Shepherd puppy can be from $1000 to $3000 and depends on its pedigree, parents awards and titles.

Are Caucasian mountain dogs aggressive?

An intelligent breed, the Caucasian shepherd can be stubborn, strong-willed, and insolent at times. Thanks to their history as a watchdog and protector, the Caucasian shepherd is extremely territorial and can become aggressive when it feels its family is being threatened.

What is the lifespan of a Caucasian dog?

10 – 12 years
Caucasian Shepherd Dog/Life span

Are Russian bear dogs easy to train?

Challenging to train: These dogs can be quite stubborn and challenging to train. They do best with an experienced trainer. Low exercise needs: Compared with many other breeds, a Russian Bear Dog does not require too much exercise each day. Large: These dogs are very large, with some animals weighing around 200 pounds.

What is the largest dog breed in the world?

Large and majestic, the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed of dog recognized by the AKC and was originally bred as a big-game hunter.

What kind of dog is used in Russian prisons?

The Russian Prison Dog, popularly known as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, is one of the strongest, kindest, and most courageous dogs in the world. No wonder this dog breed is a ferocious family protector and used as guard dogs in Russian prisons.

What kind of dog is a Caucasian mountain dog?

In fact, the modern Caucasian Mountain Dog in show class is a hybrid that’s been selected and bred in the breeding kennels of the Soviet Russians. Their official standard is fundamentally based on the Nagazi or the Georgian Shepherd Dog. They’re the most muscular and massive variant with long, attractive hair.

What kind of dogs are used in Russia?

The Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are also used as show dogs under the name of Caucasian Ovcharka. This canine remains one of the most popular working dog breeds in Russia. What Does the Russian Prison Dog Look Like?

Which is the most dangerous dog in Russia?

Caucasian Shepherd is one of the most dangerous and dominant dog breeds in the world. However, this powerful dog can become a reliable protector and a good family member. The strength and dedication of this dog have made it a popular working, police, and guard dog in Russia and in Europe.