What kind of Calibre does a Marlin X7 have?

The Marlin X7 range of rifles come in short and long actions, chambered in calibres from .22-250 to .30-06. For the review, I had the X7Y Short action model in .243, but it is also available in 7mm-08 and .308 Win.

How big is the barrel twist on a Marlin xs7vh?

Barrel twist is 1:12 and is 26”. Apparently he wants a pistol carbine now so he’s gotta get rid of something. Asking $400 because we all love to dicker and negotiate

Is the 308 Win a good hunting caliber?

In spite of its inferior ballistics to most modern hunting cartridges, the 308 Win’s massive popularity — and still perfectly serviceable accuracy and terminal performance — mean it’s not going away any time soon. So, let’s dive into this caliber and learn more about what it’s capable of with a look at 308 ballistics.

What kind of rifling does a Marlin sporting rifle use?

The lightweight, tapered 22in sporting barrel boasts a button rifling process for the rifling and is threaded with a recessed crown. With a twist rate of 1 in 10in, it maybe favours the heavier bullets, but that is common for many.243s.

Is the Marlin XL7 a barn burner rifle?

When reviewing the then-new Marlin XL7 a couple of years ago for Shooting Times (Bargain Beauty) , I did not make any grand predictions that the rifle would be a barn-burner in terms of sales for Marlin or upend the rifle world as we know it. I merely said it “offers riflemen a lot for their money,” and my guess was that it would sell well.

Where are the studs on the Marlin X7?

Traditional sling studs can be found both fore and aft on the X7. Marlin did change out the plain checkered pistol-grip cap for one with Marlin’s iconic “M” on the new short-action X7. Sorry but the video you’re trying to play can not be found

What kind of stock does a Marlin rifle have?

Injection-molded stocks are hardly sexy, but at least Marlin stuck with classic lines and included a functional recoil pad. The stock has two steel pillars to maintain a consistent stock/action interface. Checkering panels wrap around the pistol grip and stretch down the fore-end.