What is the use of super killer 25?

Product Description

Technical Name Cypermethrin 25% EC
Dose/Acre 220-300 ML / Acre
Target Pests / Insects Bollworm, Jassids, Thrips, Shoot & Fruit borer, Jassids, Epilachna Grub, Diamond Black Moth
Major Crops Cotton, Cabbage, Vegetables
Action Mode Non-Systemic, Contact and stomach action

What is Super killer?

Superkiller controls the insects by its contact and stomach poison action., Does 2ml/litter water.

How do you take cypermethrin 25% EC?

Auzar 25 EC can be applied as a foliar spray. Preparation for Spray Solution: Take a small quantity of water in a container and dissolve required quantity of Auzar 25 ECin it. Stir this solution properly and mix it with the remaining quantity of water.

Can cypermethrin kill humans?

Cypermethrin is moderately toxic through skin contact or ingestion. It may cause irritation to the skin and eyes. Symptoms of dermal exposure include numbness, tingling, itching, burning sensation, loss of bladder control, incoordination, seizures and possible death. It may cause allergic skin reactions in humans.

What is Monocil?

MONOCIL is a systemic insecticide cum acaricide with contact and stomach action which controls broad spectrum of pests in a wide range of crops and is one of the largest selling molecules.

What is the use of cypermethrin?

Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide used to kill insects on cotton and lettuce, and to kill cockroaches, fleas, and termites in houses and other buildings. Cypermethrin is toxic to the nervous system. Symptoms of exposure include dizziness, nausea, headaches, and seizures.

What is Chlorpyriphos 20?

Product Brief:- RAIDER is a broad spectrum organophosphorus insecticide. It controls a wide range of insect pests in soil or on foliage in a variety of crops, by contact, ingestion and vapors action.

How do you use Cyperguard 25 EC?

Product information

  1. Dose:
  2. Potato: Apply 0,8 ml with 10 l water per 100 m2.
  3. Wheat: Apply 0,6 ml with 10 l water per 100 m2.
  4. Apple: Apply 2 ml with 10 l water per 100 m2.
  5. Peach: Apply 2 ml with 10 l water per 100 m2.
  6. Tomatoes, Eggplants: Apply 0,8 ml with 10 l water per 100 m2.
  7. Vine: Apply 2 ml with 10 l water per 100 m2.

How do you use 50% EC of malathion?

Use on Citrus, Ornamentals plants, Vegetables, fruit trees, rice, strawberries, and Outdoor areas. Dilute Malathion CE 50 at a dose of 4 1/2 oz per gallon of water and applied by spraying to the soil, turf, or foliage. Reapply if necessary. Spray plants thoroughly on both sides of foliage.

What bugs does cypermethrin kill?

Cypermethrin, one of a handful of light-stable synthetic pyrethroids, is registered to control cockroaches, fleas and other indoor pests at home, restaurants, hospitals, schools and food-processing plants. It is also used in agriculture to control cotton, fruit and vegetable pests.

How long does cypermethrin take to work?

When using a Cypermethrin-based product, it does not guarantee an instant kill. It can take up to 24 hours to kill the target pest but it does have a long-time residual which can last up to 90 days, meaning you don’t have to reapply as often unless you have a very large infestation.