What is the spacing for deck lights?

Porch deck lights Higher than eye level as not to blind you but low enough to light the deck. Wall lights can be placed a little lower, 60” to 72” (1.5-1.8m) from the deck, spaced 96” to 120” (2.4-3m) apart. Close enough to light the entire wall but far enough apart as to allow shadowing between the lights.

Can you put lights in composite decking?

You can add lights to your DeckPlus composite decking in order to illuminate your deck after sunset. Pictured above is a garden deck – complete with lights – that was constructed using our EasyClean Edge Maritime Grey decking.

How many watts are Trex riser lights?

1.2 Watt
Trex Outdoor Lighting LED Riser Lights

Dimensions 1.2″ x 1.2″ x 1.1″
Wattage 1.2 Watt of Warm White LED 12VDC | Color Temperature Cree SMD LED’s (3000K)
Package Quantity 4 LED Trex Riser Lights each with 5′ Extension Wire
Manufacturer Warranty Protected by a 7-Year Limited Warranty
Color Bronze, Charcoal Black, Classic White

Can you put spot lights in composite decking?

You can add lights to your DeckPlus composite decking in order to illuminate your deck after sunset.

Can I use Trex on a floating deck?

Composite decking can mimic the look of wood and can last for 25+ years, but does not require staining or as intense of a regimen of upkeep in order to maintain your floating deck. If you’re ready to find your floating deck materials, check out our find a deck builder page for long-lasting Trex products.

How many deck boards do I need for a 10×10 deck?

For a 10×10 square deck, you would therefore need twenty-two 10′ deck boards. Dimensions for deck boards can vary depending on the look you want and the deck board type you use. However, the most common is a 5/4” thick by 6” wide deck board of any length.

How do you make a composite deck?

It’s most basic form, composite deck boards are made by mixing wood fibers and plastic. It’s similar in some respects to concrete which is a combination of large and small stone, sand, Portland cement and water. The plastic in composite decking is the binder, while the wood fiber acts to provide strength.

What is frame spacing for Trex decking?

Frame spacing for trex decking refers to the measurement of space that is required between floor joists. Basic deck parts include the ledger and band around the perimeter, floor joists across the middle, and surface boards for flooring.

Can I design a deck online?

Designing a deck online takes the guesswork about what your deck will look like after it’s completed. Many online tools have 3-D options, and some will print a list of materials you’ll need to build the deck. Most garden design programs have a deck option. All of the programs listed here are intuitive and easy to use.

What is a deck drainage system?

What is a Deck Drainage System? A deck drainage system is installed under the deck boards of a second-story deck. It uses a network of troughs and downspouts to divert water away from the deck and into a gutter system keeping the space below the deck dry and useable.