What is the number one tourist attraction in Missouri?

Gateway Arch
1: Gateway Arch This iconic American landmark and top Missouri tourist attraction make steel and concrete look graceful and elegant. The Gateway Arch – designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen – towers 63 stories over St. Louis to celebrate the westward expansion of the United States.

Where is the prettiest place in Missouri?

Missouri in Pictures: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph

  • Alley Mill, Eminence.
  • Echo Bluff State Park, Eminence.
  • Bennett Spring State Park, Lebanon.
  • Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Columbia.
  • Fantastic Caverns, Springfield.
  • Branson.
  • Forest Park, St. Louis.
  • Castlewood State Park, Ballwin. Meramec River in Castlewood State Park.

Is Springfield MO worth visiting?

Springfield, MO is the perfect all-American city! This Route 66 icon feels like a small town, but it has all of the thrills and exciting attractions that big cities have to offer. From essential attractions to unique experiences and X, there is something here for everyone to enjoy!

Why should I visit Missouri?

Missouri is a truly unique place, with a lot of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and interesting public spaces. Missouri mixes Southern charm with Midwestern politeness and practicality, leading to a unique local culture that you won’t find in many other places.

What is the best small town in Missouri?

15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Missouri

  • Ste.
  • Rocheport, Missouri.
  • Hannibal, Missouri.
  • Hermann, Missouri.
  • Arrow Rock, Missouri.
  • Cuba, Missouri.
  • Washington, Missouri. Source: flickr Washington, Missouri – Sunrise Over Missouri River.
  • Branson, Missouri. Source: flickr Branson, Missouri – College of the Ozarks.

Is there anything cool in Missouri?

Several cities dot Missouri and are filled with fantastic attractions, like the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, or the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. However, there is plenty of nature to balance out the city bustle – Missouri is filled with gorgeous state parks and nature retreats awaiting your visit.

What is Missouri most known for?

Entered the Union: August 10, 1821 (24) Capital: Jefferson City
State Song: “Missouri Waltz” State Tree: Dogwood
National Forest: 1 • State Parks: 48
Famous for: Branson Country Music Shows, Bass Pro Shops, St. Louis Gateway Arch

Is Missouri a beautiful place?

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, Missouri is one of the most underrated states when it comes to appreciating it’s natural beauty. From rolling prairies to glittering underground caves there is stunning beauty hiding all around the Show Me State.

Is Springfield MO safe?

While it’s true, Springfield’s metro area had a collective violent crime rate of 6.3 incidents per 1,000 residents and a property crime rate of 36.7, the city is reporting thoroughly.

What food is Springfield Missouri known for?

Be sure to check out world-famous Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken, the city’s signature dish since its introduction more than 50 years ago. Steakhouses, seafood, sushi, burgers, crepes, pasta, pizza, barbecue and more are found throughout the city along with cuisine native to countries around the world.

Why is Branson Missouri so popular?

As it has for decades, Branson still draws visitors because of its natural beauty, outdoor recreational activities, live music shows and family attractions, but it continues to grow. With a host of new attractions, shows and restaurants opening every year, Branson tourism definitely has a bright future.

What Missouri is famous for?

What are the best places to visit in Missouri?

15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Missouri: Alley Mill And Sprin, Missouri: Kiwi Innovation / shutterstock. Forest Park Bandstand In St. Louis, Missouri: STLJB / shutterstock. MKT Tunnel On Katy Trail Near Rocheport, Missouri: marekuliasz / shutterstock.

What are some must see things in Missouri?

The museums and galleries are home to some of the finest collections in the state, and the historic government buildings give the city a well defined sense of grandeur. Some of the must-see sights are the state capitol building, the Governor’s Mansion, the Missouri State Penitentiary, and the Missouri State Museum.

What is the tourist attraction in Missouri?

Because the state is mostly rural, with a few big cities, visitors to Missouri can enjoy the famous sites in St. Louis and Kansas City, as well as spectacular natural formations and scenery, all in one-trip. Missouri’s most famous attraction is the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Saint Louis Zoo.

Where to vacation in Missouri?

A Missouri vacation can be enjoyed in Branson, St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Charles, or any of the other fun cities in Missouri.