What is the meaning of Poundered?

to think carefully about something, especially for a noticeable length of time: She sat back for a minute to ponder her next move in the game. Synonyms. contemplate. meditate.

What is another word for ponders?

Some common synonyms of ponder are meditate, muse, and ruminate. While all these words mean “to consider or examine attentively or deliberately,” ponder implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter.

What is an example of pondered?

Examples of ponder in a Sentence He pondered the question before he answered. The team pondered their chances of success. We pondered whether we could afford the trip.

How do you ponder something?

to think about something carefully for a period of time synonym consider ponder (about/on/over something) She pondered over his words. They were left to ponder on the implications of the announcement. ponder something The senator pondered the question for a moment.

What does Aflower mean?

: flowering meadows aflower in the warm sun.

What is the meaning of Pind?

chiefly Scottish. : to put (stray cattle) in a pound.

What’s a word for makes you think?

What is another word for make you think of?

suggest connote
proclaim encapsulate
angle discuss
reflect exemplify
implicate make

What’s a word for thinking deeply?

What is another word for think deeply?

meditate contemplate
consider deliberate
ponder cogitate
ruminate muse
reflect revolve

What does pondered mean in the Bible?

In the sense most relevant to its scriptural use, ponder means to think or reflect deeply, to meditate or contemplate, to muse, to wonder (Oxford English Dictionary). We treasure the word of God not only by reading the words of the scriptures but by studying them.

What is the sentence of overwhelmed?

I think she was overwhelmed by the idea of being a star. Distant alarm was overwhelmed by need. Kiera was hungry and overwhelmed once again. She took a step back, overwhelmed by the scene before her.

What is it called when you think deeply?

To consider or give serious or careful thought to. meditate. contemplate. consider. deliberate.

What means fair maid?

: a scup (Stenotomus aculeatus)

What is another word for pondered?

ponder(v. a.) Synonyms: consider, weigh, contemplate, study, meditate, think on, reflect upon, deliberate upon, revolve in the mind. ponder(v. n.) Synonyms: think, muse, reflect, cogitate, meditate, study.

What does be pondered mean?

Pondered (συμβάλλουσα) The present participle, pondering. Lit., bringing together: comparing and weighing facts. Wyc., bearing together in her heart.

What is the verb for the word pondered?

Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Verb. Past tense for to meditate, to ponder, to think deeply. cogitated. considered. contemplated. deliberated. meditated. pondered.

What does the name pondering mean?

1. pondering- deeply or seriously thoughtful; “Byron lives on not only in his poetry, but also in his creation of the ‘Byronic hero’ – the persona of a brooding melancholy young man”; contemplative, meditative, musing, pensive, reflective, ruminative, brooding, broody