What is the main theme of Stargirl?

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli reflects the themes of conformity, individuality and kindness, especially in how the title character relates to other people in her school and town.

What is the lesson in Stargirl?

A quirky new girl, Stargirl, comes to Mica Area High School and isn’t afraid to be herself. She is different — and that is OK. She quickly becomes a “good luck charm” and befriends Leo, who has been trying his best to blend in with the crowd. This movie teaches the lesson of being true to yourself.

What does Stargirl symbolize?

Susan was inspired to rename herself ‘Stargirl’ when she was walking through the desert one night looking up at the stars. The stars represent her bright, beaming personality when she is being true to herself, or being ‘Stargirl’. He tells Leo that Stargirl is so named because ‘Star people are rare.

What happens at the end of the book Stargirl?

By the book’s end, Stargirl has been ostracized, temporarily accepted back into the fold, and cast out yet again. And then, something even more horrifying happens: she gets slapped by an angry classmate in front of the entire student body at an especially fraught school dance.

What are some topics in Stargirl?

Stargirl Themes

  • Individuality and Conformity. Jerry Spinelli’s young adult novel Stargirl highlights the kind-hearted quirkiness of a high school girl who calls herself Stargirl.
  • Human Nature.
  • Seeing, Visibility, and Invisibility.
  • Friendship, Love, and Social Pressure.

Is Stargirl autistic?

At one point I actually started to feel guilty for being so annoyed with her because I felt that at the end of the book Jerry Spinelli was going to be like, “Oh, by the way, Stargirl is totally autistic (or has aspergers)and you are an awful person for being annoyed…” By the end of the book, I was even more out of …

Why did Leo break up with Stargirl?

The two of them enjoy each other’s company, and Leo begins to see the world from all kinds of different perspectives. Unfortunately, their relationship causes Leo to become just as unpopular as Stargirl is. Unable to take the abuse, Leo asks Stargirl to change, or else they can’t be together.

What does cinnamon represent in Stargirl?

Cinnamon the Rat As the book takes a turn, she starts the lose friend after friend, including Leo, because of the public shunning she gets from the whole school. However, the one companion that stays with her is her rat. This rat symbolizes her identity and her individuality.

What is a metaphor in Stargirl?

Instead of just saying that Stargirl was mysterious and was only around for a short time, he uses an interesting metaphor. He compares her to the ‘scent of a cactus flower’ and the ‘flitting shadow of an elf owl’ – both are things that are rare and only there for a brief moment.

Does Stargirl have autism?

Why does Kevin want fake Stargirl?

Kevin clearly believes that someone like Stargirl cannot have an identity like hers and make it in society. Stargirl will either be eaten alive, or she’ll have to change into someone less strange, less shocking, and, most importantly, less genuine.

What are the main themes of Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli?

Lesson Summary. The themes of a novel are topics that often cause readers to think about their own lives. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli reflects the themes of conformity, individuality and kindness, especially in how the title character relates to other people in her school and town.

Who is narrating the story in Stargirl?

It is not by sheer chance that Leo is narrating the story told in Stargirl from the perspective of aging with time.

Leo fights the opposite battle. He loves Stargirl, and for a short time he endures the shunning of his peers. But in the end, the pressure is too much for him. While Stargirl embraces her unique patterns of behavior, he abandons her for the safety of the crowd.

What kind of characteristics does a Stargirl have?

But Stargirl demonstrates another distinct characteristic: kindness. She celebrates people’s birthdays and small accomplishments and uses her creativity to encourage people whom no one else notices.