What is the difference between IP base and IP services?

IP Base feature set includes advanced quality of service (QoS), rate limiting, access control lists (ACLs), and basic static and Routing Information Protocol (RIP) functions. IP Services image provides a richer set of enterprise-class features, which includes advanced hardware-based IP unicast and IP Multicast routing.

What is Cisco universal image?

Cisco IOS Universal Image-Based Licenses. The Cisco IOS universal image contains all fixed feature images in one image. You can access the required functionality based on the license installed on the device. A platform can have a single universal image, which is a superset of all fixed feature images.

What is IP Base license?

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What is the difference between LAN Lite and LAN base?

LAN Base. It does, however, offer much more robust VoIP options than LAN Lite, including ingress policing, AutoQOS, and DSCP mapping. Likewise, security options are significantly better than LAN Lite, with DHCP snooping, IPSG, Cisco Identity 4.0 and 802.1x port protections.

What is base IP address?

An IPv4 address is expressed by four numbers separated by dots. Each number is the decimal (base-10) representation for an eight-digit binary (base-2) number, also called an octet. For example: IPv6 uses 128 binary bits to create a single unique address on the network.

What is IP based software?

The IP base is for the Standard Multilayer Software Image (SMI) switches, and the IP services image is for the Enhanced Standard Multilayer Software Image (EMI) switches in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(25)SEB and later. For Layer 2-only switches, you require a Layer 3 routing device with any of the previous images.

What does universal image mean?

Universal image is an image that comes with new devices, based on your need, you then purchase a license i.e. IP Base IP Services et… for example the IP base can run static route, RIP and EIGRP stub, but if you need OSPF, BGP etc.. you need IP services.

What is a K9 image?

Hi, Yes K9 image mean cryptographic image and it supports more than 64 bits,like 128 and 1024 bits to genrate RSA key pair.But this image should support ssh.

Is Novex license mandatory?

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Is PPL legal in India?

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What is IOS LAN Base?

The LAN Base IOS software supports enhanced Layer 2+ security, quality of service (QoS), availability, and scalable management to enable new converged applications. Catalyst 2960 LAN Base switches include both 10/100 Fast Ethernet and 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in 8-, 24-, and 48-port configurations.

What is Cisco LAN base?

LAN Base is a powerful license for layer 2 access switches. Its broad range of access features covers all LAN Lite capabilities plus more robust features such as VTPv3 and FlexLinks. VTP version 3 offers better administrative control over VLAN topology information sharing to reduce unintended or disruptive changes.

What’s the difference between IP Base and universal image?

The way the software is packaged here is that there is a single image, that being the Universal image, which has all the supported features for the platform. The idea is that you then license the use of the features with either the LAN Base, IP Base or IP Services license.

What’s the difference between IP Base and IP services?

The idea is that you then license the use of the features with either the LAN Base, IP Base or IP Services license. This means you can upgrade the license, but don’t need to change the actual software image that runs on the platform.

Do you need a binary image for IP Base and IP services?

The way the software was packaged previously, where there was a separate binary image for LAN base, IP base and IP Services, you would have had to load a new binary image and reload the router. This is not required under the current packaging method. Take a read of the Cisco IOS Software Packaging and Licensing page for more information.

What kind of security does IP Base offer?

IP Base is for medium-large businesses, with features to match. One big upgrade is fully-featured Layer 3 dynamic packet routing, alongside support for Layer 2 static routes. You also get much more robust edge security, with full support for VLANs and encrypted VPN tunneling.