What is the class ID in Turnitin?

The instructor establishes a class enrollment password for students when a class is created. However if the instructor has lost track of the password, the information can be found in the course settings. Log in to Turnitin and view your list of classes. The class ID is the numeric code to the left of the class name.

How do I check on Turnitin?

How do I use the Turnitin plagiarism service to check the originality of papers?Go to Assignments.Click Add. Under Assignment, name the assignments, add dates and select “Single Uploaded File Only” Under Turnitin Service, checkmark “Use Turnitin”. Select the appropriate Turnitin options.

How do I create a Turnitin class?

2. Create a ClassClick the All Classes tab from any Turnitin page to direct you to the homepage.Click the green Add Class button.From the Create a new class page, select the class type, and complete the fields marked with an asterisk.Select the class end date.Click Submit to add your class to Turnitin.

How do you submit a paper to Turnitin?

Submitting a paper – File uploadEnter a submission title in the box provided.You can opt to upload your file in one of two ways: Select the appropriate button and locate the file on your device. Select Upload and Review to proceed to the review stage. Review your upload, then select Submit to Turnitin to submit.

How do I buy Turnitin software?

Turnitin does not offer individual license purchases to users. Many institutions offer plagiarism detection services from Turnitin. Please ask your school or university whether they are using Turnitin and if the service may be available to you under their licence.