What is the career readiness test?

The ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT WorkKeys NCRC®) is an assessment-based credential issued at four levels; Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The NCRC measures and certifies the essential work skills needed for success in jobs across industries and occupations.

Is the act WorkKeys test hard?

Many adults have difficulty with the math portion of the WorkKeys test. By taking practice tests, pinpointing weaknesses, brushing up on skills that need work, and seeking one-on-one help if needed, passing the math portion of WorkKeys can lead to a promising career.

What is a passing score for WorkKeys?

If your lowest level score is 3 then you qualify for Bronze, 4 qualifies you for Silver, 5 for Gold, and 6 for Platinum. You must score a 3 or higher on each core assessment to qualify for a certificate.

Can you fail the WorkKeys test?

No. If you fail a section you may take that section over. You will have to wait 48 hours to re-schedule and you must pay $10.00 per section. If you fail for a 2nd time you must wait 1 week and Athena reccomends that you receive remediation/tutoring from an outside source.

How long does the career readiness test take?

How long will the testing take? It will take 1 hr. for one test, an hour and 45 min. for two tests, and two hours and 45 min.

What does career readiness mean?

Specifically, college and career readiness refers to the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to be successful in post-secondary education and/or training that lead to gainful employment. These skills allow students to enter career pathways that offer gainful employment and opportunities for advancement.

Can I take the ACT WorkKeys test online?

National Career Readiness Certificate WorkKeys offers additional assessments to measure interests, values and behaviors that can lead to greater job satisfaction. Most tests are web-based and take one hour. Scores are easily verified online.

What kind of math is on the WorkKeys test?

The actual test consists of 33 problems and has a time limit of 45 minutes. The WorkKeys Applied Mathematics assessment measures skill in applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems.

How many times can you take WorkKeys test?

They are available for five years following the completion of an assessment and there is no limit to how many can be ordered. Additionally, test takers can pick and choose which assessments they want to show on their transcripts to their employers or potential employers.

What’s the highest you can score on WorkKeys?

Workplace Documents. Students who score a 3 or higher on each assessment earn the NCRC, which is valuable documentation of their skills. Certificate levels are bronze (scores of 3), silver (4), gold (5) or platinum (6+). The highest score is 7.

What is a good score on the WorkKeys test?

Bronze – Test takers must earn a level score of 3 or higher on each test. Silver – Test takers must earn a level score of 4 or better on each test. Gold – Test takers must earn a level score of 5 or better on each exam. Platinum – Test takers must earn a level score of 6 or better on each exam.

How many times can I take the WorkKeys test?

You can take the assessments on your own time, as many times as you want, and only share scores with employers when you’re ready.

What is the National career readiness exam?

The National Career Readiness Certificate examination assesses an individual’s skill level in three areas deemed critical for employability: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. ACT, the organization that developed the college testing standard,…

What is a workplace readiness test?

More technically, workplace readiness assessments are specific profile tests used to assess specific individuals and groups to determine how they score on expected workplace traits.

What are career readiness skills?

7 Skills to Demonstrate Career Readiness 1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving 2. Oral/Written Communications 3. Teamwork/Collaboration 4. Information Technology Application 5. Leadership 6. Professionalism/Work Ethic 7. Career Management

What is a career readiness assessment?

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) test assessment is used in over 40 states to verify the employment skill level of job applicants. As an assessment of employable skills in three key skill areas, the NCRC has been issued to more than 2.3 million job applicants.