What is the best wood for decking in Australia?

Hardwoods Hardwoods are a great option for Australian decks – they’re extremely durable, highly resilient and can look, feel and even smell great. Popular hardwoods include Jarrah, Spotted Gum, and Merbau, which is the most common timber decking in Australia.

Is ironbark hard to work with?

Red ironbark is very hard to work, limiting some applications that require fine detailing. It is slow to dry and care needs to be taken to minimise surface checking.

Is ironbark good for fence posts?

Ironbark posts are very high in durability, hardness, and density which are great for feature posts and heavy duty construction. Ironbark is a Class 1 Timber with a lifespan of 50+ years.

How do you identify ironbark timber?

The ‘ironbark’ is persistent on larger branches, hard and deeply furrowed, dark brown to black, with upper limbs covered in a smooth, whitish bark.

What is ironbark wood used for?

It can be specified for wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, cross arms, poles, piles and mining timbers. The unseasoned timber is excellent for general house framing, while seasoned and dressed grey ironbark timber is used for cladding, internal and external flooring, linings and joinery.

How big is a piece of ironbark deck?

Our Ironbark decking is available in a range of sizes, including 86x19mm, 136x19mm and 136x32mm. Panel lengths range from 0.9m through to 5.0m.

How much does grey ironbark decking cost per LM?

MOST POPULAR: 135x19mm Feature Grade – $9.70 per lineal metre. Our Grey Ironbark decking timber starts from just $4.80/lm. See below for the available sizes and gradings.

What are the different types of ironbark wood?

Ironbark is a very distinctive Australian hardwood, quite appropriately named for its hardness, strength and durability. The ironbark species are divided into two varieties, which are grey ironbark (Eucalyptus paniculata) and red ironbark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon).

Which is the best timber for a deck?

Ironbark timber has an interlocked grain with a fine texture. Ironbarks popularity is ever increasing with more and more homes using the timber for decks, landscaping and cladding due to its high durability and fire resistance.