What is the best shape for a co2 dragster?

Sphere – A very good aerodynamic shape because of it symmetrical shape. Which allows air to flow over it’s surface with very little disruption to the air stream. A combination of basic shapes will yield the best results. This equation has to do with how much weight is over the front and rear of the vehicle.

What is the best length for a co2 car?

You need to have at least 60 feet without any obstructions. Any shorter distance than this, and the cars will destroy themselves upon finishing a race. The optimum track length is 66 feet (20 Meters), which is in scale with real dragstrip lengths of a quarter mile.

How do you make a CO2 dragster go faster?

Simply put, the less weight your dragster has, the faster it will go. This is the most important factor that will figure into your design. Keep it light! Thrust: The gas escaping from the CO2 cartridge in the car.

How fast does a CO2 dragster go?

In this type of racing, the participant builds a small carbon dioxide cartridge into the car, which propels it down a flat, level track. They’re fast, too — on a 65.5-foot (20-meter) track, the cars can cross the finish line in just over a second, traveling at nearly 70 miles per hour (112.7 kilometers per hour)!

What is the fastest CO2 car ever made?

On the 15th October 1997, at Black Rock, Nevada USA, Andy Green piloted the Trust SSC (SuperSonic Car) and achieved what was previously thought impossible. He travelled at a speed of 1,227.985 km/h (Mach 1.020) and broke the sound barrier.

How can I make my CO2 dragster faster?

What makes a CO2 dragster fast?

Simply put, the less weight your dragster has, the faster it will go. Because the dragster has parts moving against one another, friction is created. You can help reduce it by making sure the axles are free to rotate, and that the wheels and tires are not rubbing on the car body.

What is the fastest CO2 dragster?

.925 seconds
The recent Braden River High graduate built the fastest CO2 dragster in the nation, racing his way to a first-place finish in the Technology Student Association’s national dragster competition and setting a national record of . 925 seconds on a 65-foot track.

How can I make my CO2 dragster go faster?

What is the best design for a dragster?

The dragster can be designed with a practical, aerodynamic shape, modeled after an actual racecar or given a crazy, eye-catching appearance. Paint, decals and add-ons are common ways to decorate them.

What is a CO2 drag car?

CO2 dragsters are cars used by miniature racing cars which are propelled by a carbon dioxide cartridge, pierced to start the release of the gas, and which race on a typically 60 feet (18 metres) track. They are frequently used to demonstrate mechanical principles such as mass, force, acceleration, or aerodynamics.

What are CO2 powered cars?

CO2 powered cars are model dragsters that are propelled by the thrust from a CO2 cartridge. These cars are routinely used in middle school and high school-level engineering classes as a way for students to learn about the dynamics of car design.