What is the best high temp grease?

WD-40 Specialist® High-Temp Grease is a lithium-based grease built to perform in high temperatures and high-friction mechanical loads. It was engineered to meet the demands of protecting high-speed bearings in applications involving high temperatures and heavy mechanical loads.

What is high temp grease used for?

Very high temperature greases are particularly suitable for lubrication of elements such as: Oven fan bearings. Bearings for pre-heater rollers. Conveyors, industrial painting lines.

What is Termalene grease?

Termalene Extreme Pressure Grease LC is a multipurpose, Extreme Pressure, water resistant lithium complex grease. It provides outstanding film strength, adhesive properties, superior wear protection in heavily loaded and shock-load conditions.

What is considered high temperature grease?

For the sake of reference, generally an oil that is able to work at temperatures higher than 210-250 degrees F (100-120 degrees C) for a normal or extended drain interval may be assumed to be a high-temperature lubricant.

What color is high temp grease?

Although there is no hard and fast rule, red could be indicative of grease for high temperatures, blue for cold temperatures and green for environment friendliness.

What happens when grease is heated?

High temperatures harm greases more than they harm oils. Grease, by its nature, cannot dissipate heat by convection like a circulating oil. Consequently, without the ability to transfer away heat, excessive temperatures result in accelerated oxidation or even carbonization where grease hardens or forms a crust.

What is the difference between lithium and Moly grease?

Lithium refers to a type of soap base, moly and/or graphite are additives. As for the best, I’d recommend a lithium complex (most common) or calcium complex soap base. Moly is beneficial in many applications, not so good in others(wheel bearings).

What is molybdenum grease used for?

Moly greases are generally used in operations where high pressure metal surfaces are sliding against each other. These include roller bearings that have very heavy loads and shock loading. Moly greases are also recommended in slow or oscillating motion that is used in universal and CV joints.

At what temperature does grease break down?

The mineral oil in grease can flash, burn, or evaporate at temperatures above 177 EC (350F). High temperatures, above 73-79C (165-175F), can dehydrate certain greases such as calcium soap grease and cause structural breakdown.

Which of the following is used as high temperature lubricant?

Graphite is best suited for lubrication in air. It is a mineral made of loosely bonded sheets of carbon atoms, giving it a slippery texture that makes it a very effective lubricant.

What happens to grease when it gets too hot?