What is the answer to number 3 on the impossible quiz?

The answer to this question is “Fine”, the only one of the options written the right way up, which makes sense since if you read the question upside-down, “Fine” is the only option that looks upside-down from that perspective.

How many impossible quizzes are there?

110 questions
The answer is “No one knows that”, because the game assumes that nobody who has made it to this question has actually made it to the very end of the game, thus nobody really knows that this Quiz actually has 110 questions in total….Reference(s)

The Impossible Quiz
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How do you win the impossible quiz?

The rules are simple: you’re given three lives, and you’ll lose one with every mistake you make. Losing all lives will cause a Game Over. You must beat all 110 questions of the game in a single take, no checkpoints in-between.

How do you do 72 on the impossible quiz?

Question 72 of The Impossible Quiz is the second searching question of the game (and the third in the series), where the screen is completely black and you must find one small object, which is a light switch. It’s a safe question, so you’re free to click wherever you want on the screen without losing any lives..

What is the answer to question 71 on the impossible quiz?

The correct one is “Italy”, because the question is referring to none other than Mario, that short, moustached Italian plumber that always rescues Princess Peach from the series’s main villain, Bowser.

What is the answer to question 70 on the impossible quiz?

Question 70 from the Impossible Quiz is the sixth of nine questions that came as an idea by Rabid-Coot. It says “My dog’s got no nose. How does it smell?”, and the four possible choices say “Terrible”, “Like piss”, “Using its anus”, and “How am I supposed to know?”.