What is the AF Portal?

What is the Air Force Portal? You can think of it as the Air Force’s worldwide Intranet. The AF Portal allows you to quickly find authoritative, relevant data and information, applications and collaboration tools to help you do your job and live your life in the USAF.

How do I access my AF Portal email from home?

Open browser (Edge/Chrome), go to site: https://owa.us.af.mil/ Select the email certificate to access your email via the internet.

Why can’t I log into the AF portal?

LIMITED ACCESS AF PORTAL Close ALL open browser windows and try to access the portal again. If you are still unable to access the full portal, please contact the portal help desk at DSN 596-5771, opt 7, Comm 334-416-5771, opt 7 or 1-877-596-5771, opt 7. Provide feedback here.

Where do I find my AF portal ID?

FAs can get their ID information from their Civilian Personnel Office (CPO). The new 9 digit unique identifier is alpha/numeric (alpha in the middle two characters). The Field Assistance Branch (FAB) has been directed to have Foreign Affiliates fill out an AF Portal Form 41 with this Foreign National ID number.

Can you use AF portal from home?

Software and instructions are available via the AF Portal at AF Middleware to Use CACs from Home-Updated 20 Mar 2020 (opens in new window). This link can also be found as one of the main headlines on the Air Force Portal Homepage.

Where are orders on AF Portal?

Log into the AFPC Secure website, select vMPF, select the Out Processing link (under Most Popular Applications) and you will see the “view orders” link (under the Pages menu).

Can you use AF Portal from home?

Where do I find my AF Portal ID?

What is my Air Force Portal Username?

The username format for the AF Portal is firstname, dot, middle initial, dot, last name (i.e. Fred. E. Snuffy). The AF Portal password is case sensitive, so be sure you turn off the caps lock feature of your keyboard while entering your password.