What is Sutton WV known for?

Sutton slowly rebuilt from the Civil War, but remained a small county seat until the timber industry in the region developed and Sutton became a commercial center. Many of the banks, hotels, shops and other historic buildings in Sutton date from this 1890 to 1920 time period.

Was WV a Confederate or Union?

From that moment on the statehood movement was on and on June 20, 1863, West Virginia became the 35th state in the Union. Some 50,000 West Virginians are believed to have participated in the American Civil War, including 32,000 for then Union and 18,000 for the Confederacy.

What is West Virginia historically famous for?

Today, West Virginia is a major coal-producing state, supplying 15 percent of the nation’s coal. The New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville is the longest steel arch bridge in the world.

When was Braxton County WV established?

Braxton County/Founded

Boundary Changes. 1836–Braxton County was created 15 January 1836 from Lewis, Kanawha and Nicholas Counties.

Is Sutton WV safe?

Sutton has an overall crime rate of 10 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Sutton is 1 in 99.

What towns are in Braxton County WV?

Braxton County/Cities

Did West Virginia have slaves?

Western Virginia’s slave population peaked in 1850 with 20,428 slaves, or nearly 7% of the population. In 1860 the number of slaves was 18,371. Much of the decreased number of slaves in West Virginia was due to the high demand for slaves in the lower South.

Why did Virginia split into two states?

Civil War and split. In 1861, as the United States itself became massively divided over slavery, leading to the American Civil War (1861–1865), the western regions of Virginia split with the eastern portion politically, and the two were never reconciled as a single state again.

What’s the number one attraction in West Virginia?

15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in West Virginia

  • Blackwater Falls State Park. Blackwater Falls State Park.
  • Monongahela National Forest and Seneca Rocks. Monongahela National Forest.
  • The Greenbrier. The Greenbrier.
  • Snowshoe. Snowshoe.
  • Berkeley Springs.
  • New River Gorge National River.
  • Whitewater Rafting.
  • Harpers Ferry.

How did Braxton County WV get its name?

Braxton County, at the very center of West Virginia, was created from parts of Lewis, Kanawha, and Nicholas counties in 1836. It was named for Carter Braxton, a Virginia statesman who signed the Declaration of Independence. Its county seat is at Sutton.

Who founded Braxton County WV?

Carter Braxton
Carter Braxton, an American Revolutionary political leader, is honored in the naming of Braxton County, which was founded in 1836. The county comprises some 520 square miles of land in the central part of the state. Braxton was a Virginia statesman and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

How many streams are in Braxton County WV?

Braxton County, WV (WCHS/WVAH) — DNR Biologists have been hard at work recently. Their office? About 100 streams across our state. The work isn’t easy, though–long hours and a lot of obstacles to dodge, but the information gained here is vital to keep up with the health of our streams.