What is Shiva Gutika?

Vyas Shiva Gutika is one of the powerful herbs Used in the treatment of liver and spleen disorders, hiccup, rhinitis, bronchitis, cough, anemia, cardiac disorders, vomiting, skin diseases, arthritis. Also used in epilepsy and psychotic diseases.

What is Gutika in Ayurveda?

Vati is a preparation where different medicinal substances are used to make tablets (vati) and pills (gutika). This is done either by cooking the powdered herbs with jaggery or guggulu or without cooking by macerating the powder with any liquid like honey and guggulu and then rolled into pills.

What are Gutikas?

Most of them are purely herbal therapeutic agents and are prepared by powdering the herbal drugs and then binding them with help of jaggery, honey, guggulu etc., or by lavigating with fresh juices or decoctions of different herbs and making pills of the paste thus obtained.

How is Bhasma made?

A Bhasma means an ash obtained through incineration; the starter material undergoes an elaborate process of purification and this process is followed by the reaction phase, which involves incorporation of some other minerals and/or herbal extract.

What is haritaki used for?

Haritaki is a magical remedy that holds high significance in treating countless health problems including indigestion, gastritis, lung disease, obesity, impotence, cough, cold, asthma, vision defects, urinary tract infections and hair, and skin problems.

What is Kanchnar guggul?

Kanchnar Guggulu is a traditional classic polyherbal formulation used for the treatment of tumors, cystic swelling, PCOS, and ulcers. It reduces swellings and lumps by drying the excess Kapha and fluid in the body.

What is standardization of Gutika?

Gutika was standardized by different parameters like physicochemical parameters include Ash value, extractive value, LOD, Physical parameters like hardness, friability, disintegration and chromatographic examination include HPTLC fingerprinting, quantification of marker.

What is Kanchanar guggulu used for?

Kanchanara Guggulu is effectively in Cervical Lymphadenitis, Chronic Lymphadenopathy. It is also used to treat Cysts, Ulcers, Ulcers, Diseases of the skin Filariasis. This tablet breaks down deep seated kapha, supports proper function of the thyroid and the lymphatic system.

What is Kasthaushadhi?

Ayurvedic compound formulations are divided into two groups: – (1) Kasthaushadhi: Predominantly plant drugs are used for preparation. (2) Rasaushadhi: Predominantly metals and minerals are used for preparation. Kasthaushadhis and Rasaushadhis have their own individual importance in treating the diseases.

Can we eat Bhasma?

Swarna Bhasma is available in fine powder or tablet form. You can take 15-30mg Swarna Bhasma per day with honey or ghee, preferably after meals.

Why does Shiva like Bhasma?

Shivaji became angry and wandered in the universe about Sati’s body. Seeing this anger of Lord Shiva, Goddess Devadar became disturbed and the creatures were in danger. Then Lord Vishnu touched the body of Goddess Sati and turned it into a bhasma.