What is Resettlement Policy Framework?

• “Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF)” is a document similar to a RAP carried out. when the exact physical and/or economic displacement is unknown due to the. nature (existence of multiple components or sub-projects) and/or stage of. development of the project.

What is ESIA rap?

To review of existing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) reports. 2. To identify and assess potential environmental and social impacts of the project. To review and develop an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and RAP.

What does involuntary resettlement mean?

Involuntary resettlement refers both to. physical displacement (relocation or loss of. shelter) and to economic displacement (loss. of assets or access to assets that leads to loss. of income sources or means of livelihood) as a.

What is ESIA?

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

What is linear resettlement?

Linear resettlement—Linear resettlement describes projects having linear patterns of land acquisition (highways, railways, canals, and power transmission lines). If well designed, linear projects can easily avoid or minimize the demolition of permanent structures.

What does economic displacement mean?

1. Economic Displacement arises when policy intervention which causes the expansion of one economic activity or activity in one location also has the effect of bringing about some degree of reduction in economic activity elsewhere.

What is the ESIA process?

The key process elements of an ESIA generally consist of (i) initial screening of the project and scoping of the assessment process; (ii) examination of alternatives; (iii) stakeholder identification (focusing on those directly affected) and gathering of environmental and social baseline data; (iv) impact …

What is the difference between Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment?

Red category projects require both IEE and EIA. An IEE is required for location clearance and an EIA is required for environmental clearance. Social impact assessment Social impact assessment (SIA) is a methodology to review the social effects of infrastructure projects and other development interventions.

What is abbreviated resettlement action plan?

Abbreviated Resettlement Action Plan (ARAP): A public document which specifies the procedures and actions to be undertaken to mitigate adverse effects, compensate losses, and provide development benefits to project affected households.

What are the impacts of displacement?

Internal displacement can affect the lives of people forced to leave their home because of conflict, violence, climate change or disasters, in many ways. Their housing, access to infrastructure and education, health, social life, security and environment change and often degrade.

What are the effects of displacement?

Displaced people often lose assets when they are forced to flee their home and land. They may also be unable to pursue their former work, leading to unemployment, underemployment or informal work, and a significant drop in income. Livelihood loss may lead to reduced access to food and an increase in malnutrition.

What are the main elements of an ESIA report?