What is pocH-100i?

The pocH-100i is a compact, fully automated hematology analyzer with the capability for simultaneous analysis of 17 parameters in the whole-blood mode. The pocH-100i showed linearity over the entire range for all parameters studied.

How many results can be stored in the pocH-100i stored data?

The instrument can store 20 patient samples and 100 quality control results.

How many QC files are available for use on the pocH-100i?

Quality processes are addressed with the pocH-100i closed tube sampling and simple reagent system. Six on-board QC files support assurance of instrument performance.

How much blood is aspirated by pocH-100i to perform a full blood count?

Small in size, big on performance

Technologies DC detection method (WBC) DC detection method with sheath flow (RBC, PLT) cyanide-free photometry (HGB) cumulative pulse height method (HCT)
Throughput approx. 148 sec/sample Aspiration volume 15 μL (whole blood); 20 μL sample volume (pre-diluted mode)

What is Pochi Pack D?

000 POCH-100i is a reliable haematology analysis system as comfortable to use as required in near patient testing. With touch screen technology blood cell analysis becomes so easy that no specialist operator is required. Help functions are available for each operating step to optimally support the user.

What is Sysmex hematology?

Sysmex offers a suite of hematology, urinalysis, hemostasis and flow cytometry analyzers for acute and non-acute care settings. Our unique informatic solutions give you the tools to efficiently manage workflow, decision rules and laboratory information.

What does a hematology test show?

Hematologists and hematopathologists are highly trained healthcare providers who specialize in diseases of the blood and blood components. These include blood and bone marrow cells. Hematological tests can help diagnose anemia, infection, hemophilia, blood-clotting disorders, and leukemia.

What is 3-part hematology analyzer?

Coulter’s Principle The 3-part analyzer is able to differentiate between 3 types of WBC’s, neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes. In a 3-part differential cell counter basophils and eosinophils cannot be differentiated and are grouped with population of either neutrophils or monocytes.

Why would your doctor refer you to a hematologist?

If your primary care physician has recommended that you see a hematologist, it may be because you are at risk for a condition involving your red or white blood cells, platelets, blood vessels, bone marrow, lymph nodes, or spleen. Some of these conditions are: hemophilia, a disease that prevents your blood from clotting.

What is difference between 3part and 5-part?

The difference between a 3-part differential cell counter and 5-part cell counter is that – a 3-part cell-counter reports only 3 types of WBCs (neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes) while a 5-part can differentiate all WBC types (neutrophils, lymphocytes, basophils, eosinophils, and monocytes).

What are the four parts of a hematology differential?

Most hematology analyzers provide a five-part differential, enumerating neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils.

Is the Poch 100i Sysmex a volume analyser?

Using Sysmex’s proven impedance technology with hydrodynamic focusing, this great 3-part differential analyser delivers absolute counts based on defined volume analysis with the excellent reliability typical of all our instruments.

Which is the best Sysmex hematology analyzer to use?

The Sysmex pocH-100i hematology analyzer is ideal for lab testing volumes of 5-30 CBCs per day or as a companion system for the Sysmex X-Series differential analyzers More … The CELL-DYN Emerald Hematology System delivers high performance in a …

How are quality processes addressed in the poch-100i?

Quality processes are addressed via the pocH-100i closed tube sampling and simple reagent system. Six on board QC files support assurance of instrument performance.

How is the poch-100i closed tube sampling and simple reagent system?

Quality processes are addressed via the pocH-100i closed tube sampling and simple reagent system. Six on board QC files support assurance of instrument performance. The intuitive push button menu simplifies the operation of this analyzer when situated in the outpatient setting, emergency room or surgical suite.