What is PLRP S?

Agilent PLRP-S is a rigid macroporous styrene/divinylbenzene (PS/DVB) HPLC phase with outstanding chemical and physical stability. PLRP-S HPLC media are inherently hydrophobic and reproducible, and do not require a bonded alkyl chain such as C8 or C18 to confer hydrophobicity.

What is Agilent column?

Agilent offers one of the broadest, most modern LC column portfolios for small molecule analysis, with columns suitable for nearly all separation modes and applications.

What is a GC column?

Capillary columns are gas chromatography (GC) columns that have the stationary phase coating their inner surfaces rather than being packed into the cavity. Capillary GC columns are used to analyze samples for the individual chemical compounds that they contain.

Which column is used in GC?

Two types of columns are used in gas chromatography: packed columns and capillary columns. Short, thick columns made of glass or stainless steel tubes, packed columns have been used since the early stages of gas chromatography.

What is DB in GC column?

DB-1 Columns Agilent J&W DB-1 is nonpolar and low-bleed, and operates under high temperature limits. It is an excellent choice for general purpose use in a wide variety of applications. Precision-engineered DB-1 is bonded, crosslinked and solvent rinsable, and is equivalent to USP phase G2.

What is DB wax column?

DB-Wax GC Columns from Agilent Agilent J&W DB-WAX are high-polarity, polyethylene glycol (PEG) columns. A variety of column types are available to suit food, fragrance, and flavor applications. DB-WAX – high-polarity, polyethylene glycol (PEG) column that is ideal for food, fragrance, and flavor applications.

What is the stationary phase of GC column?

Columns/stationary phases are considered the “heart” or “brain” of the chro- matograph and are responsible for the separation process. In the GC system, a sample is vaporized and injected into the head of the separation column packed with a finely divided solid or coated with a film of a liquid.

Why are GC columns long?

A gas encounters less resistance in the GC column which permits use of longer column lengths. On the other hand samples entering the GC column are gases having lower molecular weights and boiling points. Such compounds are easily vaporized and remain as gases during passage through the column.

How long does a GC column last?

A related question that we hear quite often is “what is the shelf life of a capillary GC column.” Once again, there are no right or wrong answers and GC columns usually don’t ship with an expiration date on them – but in general, a pretty good guideline guide line is to use the column within about two years to ensure …