What is P list file?

The plist is a special file that configures your mobile app, telling it how to run. Every iOS app uses an Info. Think of the plist as the “configuration settings” for a nightclub including things like the opening & closing times, the decor, the guestlist, etc.

What is info plist file?

A common property list in iOS projects is the Info. plist file. This plist contains information about your iOS project. It’s distributed as part of your app’s binary package, and iOS uses it for example to display your app’s name on an iPhone’s home screen.

How do I view info plist?

3 Answers

  1. Press ⌘+⇧+o to get the Quick Open Dialog.
  2. Enter name of property list file e.g. ” info.plist ” and press “Enter”
  3. Open “Version Editor” -> Property List File is shown as source code.

What does Info plist contain?

Info. plist is key/value persistence storage( property list ) which is used system and user. It contains user-friendly text in XML format.

How do I create a plist file?

To create a plist file, it just as simple as creating a new class. Click menu File > New > File… ( ⌘ – CMD + N ).)

How do I use info plist?

plist entry:

  1. Open your Info. plist file.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the editor screen. The context menu will open up, select Raw Keys & Values.
  3. Keys will then show in the raw format, which you can use as an argument for object(forInfoDictionaryKey:) .

How do I make a plist file?

How do I edit info plist on Mac?

If you’re not shown in the list of people who can access the file, click the + button below the list and find yourself in the Users & Groups list that pops up. The changes are applied to the file as soon as you make them in the File Info window. You should now be able to open, edit and save those edits to the file.