What is CT Setview?

The setview command creates a process that is set to the specified dynamic view. The new process is said to have a set view context. If you specify an inactive dynamic view—one whose view tag does not appear in the local host’s viewroot directory , view—a startview command is invoked implicitly to activate that view.

How do I check in code in ClearCase?

To create a permanent new version of the current file or all files in the versioned object base (VOB), select Tools > ClearCase > Check In. To be asked to confirm that you want to check in the files, select Tools > Options > Version Control > ClearCase, and then select the Prompt on check-in check box.

How do you delete ClearCase view?

To remove a view

  1. In Rational ClearCase Explorer, click Views, then right-click the shortcut for the view and click Remove View.
  2. In the Rational ClearCase Explorer window, click Yes to continue.

How do I create a ClearCase view in Linux?


  1. From the File Browser, click View > Create. The View Creation wizard starts and opens the Create View window. Follow the steps in the View Creation wizard.
  2. Use cleartool mkview. For a dynamic view, enter this command (Rational® ClearCase® only): cleartool mkview -tag view-tag dynamic-view-storage-path.

How do I check my ClearCase version?

Determine if a ClearCase Client or Server version is installed

  1. Click Start > Programs > IBM Rational > IBM Rational ClearCase > Administration > ClearCase Doctor.
  2. Click Start Analysis.
  3. Click Topics.
  4. Click ClearCase Configuration.

Is ClearCase still used?

ClearCase isn’t totally dead yet. Many teams still use it. But ClearCase’s popularity is dying.

How do you remove a view?

To delete a view from a database

  1. In Object Explorer, expand the database that contains the view you want to delete, and then expand the Views folder.
  2. Right-click the view you want to delete and click Delete.
  3. In the Delete Object dialog box, click OK.

What is the difference between Git and ClearCase?

Architecture is the biggest difference between ClearCase and Git. ClearCase is centralized while Git is distributed. ClearCase has a file-based architecture (where everything happens at the file level). And Git has a hash-based architecture (where everything happens at the branch level).

What is ClearCase tool?

ClearCase is a software configuration management tool used for version control. It manages changes across development lifecycles, from design to code to test. It is one of many version control systems available today.

Why Git is better than ClearCase?

Git and ClearCase have major differences in branching and merging. Git offers lightweight branching, which can be faster. ClearCase, on the other hand, offers more granular merging. Both Git and ClearCase have good merge algorithms.

Who owns ClearCase?

ClearCase supports two configuration management models: UCM (Unified Change Management) and base ClearCase….Rational ClearCase.

Original author(s) Atria Software
Developer(s) IBM
Initial release 1992
Stable release / June 29, 2021
Operating system AIX, HP-UX, Linux, macOS, Solaris, Windows z/OS (limited client)

Which SQL statement is used to remove a view from your schema?

The correct answer is option D (DROP VIEW emp_dept_vu). We can use a DROP statement to remove a view from the database.

How to open a dynamic view in clear case?

The basic command is cleartool mkview. You need a storage referencing a shared path in which your view storage will be set, as I showed for instance in ” How to open a dynamic view in clear case with a given config spects using command prompt? “. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

How does the shell command setview create a subprocess?

The shell command setview creates a subprocess. If you enter the setview command in interactive mode (at the cleartool prompt), the new dynamic view is set in the current process. To push to a subprocess of an interactive cleartool process, use setview –exec cleartool.

How to type in part of a ClearCase command?

Type in part of a ClearCase command in the search box. Commands Index: * intro annotate apropos catcr catcs cc.icon cc.magic cd chactivity chbl checkin checkout checkvob chevent chflevel chfolder chmaster chpool chproject chstream chtype chview clearaudit clearbug cleardescribe cleardiffbl cleardiff clearexport_ccase clearexport_cvs

How to search for a keyword in ClearCase?

Keyword Live Search (10 results max): Type in part of a ClearCase command in the search box. Commands Index: * intro annotate apropos catcr catcs cc.icon