What is commercialization agriculture?

What is Commercialization of Agriculture? Commercialisation of agriculture is a phenomenon where agriculture is governed by commercial consideration i.e. certain specialised crops began to be grown not for consumption in village but for sale in national and even in international market.

What was the impact of commercialization of agriculture?

Commercialization of Indian agriculture resulted in reduced area under cultivation of food crops due to the substitution of commercial non-food grains in place of food grains. Between 1893-94 to 1945-46, the production of commercial crops increased by 85 percent and that of food crops fell by 7 percent.

What was the effect of commercialization of agriculture on Indian economy?

Positive Impacts of Commercialization of Agriculture: Commercialisation encouraged social exchange and it made possible the transformation of Indian economy into capitalistic form. Commercialisation linked India with world economy. It led to the growth of high level social and economic system.

How does Commercialisation affect agricultural yields?

Commercialisation of agriculture has long been considered an important driver of intensification, production, food security and farm incomes in Africa. The findings show a positive effect of commercialisation on improved seed varieties use and food crop yields, even after controlling for an endogeneity problem.

How do you commercialize agriculture?

Some ways of commercial agriculture:

  1. Facility of loan if firstly important part during commercial farming.
  2. Training on agriculture base education to farmers.
  3. Need of storage house.
  4. Facilities like irrigation, technology.
  5. Feeling of development to improve skill development of people.
  6. Organization of business fairs, etc.

How can we modernize agriculture?

Here are few ways that will help to modernize the agriculture scenario in the country.

  1. Which crops grow best where?
  2. Irrigate the fields in a smart way.
  3. Use the Right Equipment.
  4. Evaluate the performance of the product.
  5. Control the pests.

What was the impact of British rule on Indian agriculture?

This era saw the introduction and proliferation of many crops as cash crops such as Indigo, cotton, jute, tea, tobacco. The Land revenue payments were also monetized and India saw emergence of grain merchants.

Why is Indian economy known as mixed economy?

Indian Economy is a mixed economy because it is neither completely Socialist nor Capitalist. In India private and public sector both operate in the market. Because in India all the activities and resources are controlled by both the private as well as public sector.

What are the disadvantages of Commercialisation?

Disadvantages of Commercialisation

  • Under commercialisation, consumer’s welfare is not catered for.
  • Many workers are usually laid off when industries are commercialised.
  • Commercialisation leads to poor standard of living of the people due to shift in interest from pure service delivery to profit maximisation.

What is Commercialisation of Agriculture Class 12?

Commercialisation of agriculture : Commercialisation of agriculture means producing crops for sale in the market rather than for self consumption. Farmers were forced to cultivate commercial crops like indigo which was required by the textile industry in Britain for dyeing of the textile.

What benefits do the farmers get by modernizing agriculture?

Modern day farming helps to maintain the fertility of soil by using machines and technology to create soil conditions appropriate for plant growth with minimal soil loss, drought, insects, diseases and other threats. The use of improved modern genetics for crops and livestock enhances yields, quality and reliability.

What is the meaning of Modernising agriculture?

INTRODUCTION. Modernisation of agriculture is a process of transforming agriculture from traditional labour-based agriculture to technology-based agriculture [25]. It is one of the fundamental issues in agricultural policies, particularly in countries, where agriculture is less developed.

What is meant by commercialization of Agriculture?

By commercialisation of agriculture we mean production of agricultural crops for sale in the market , rather than for family consumption. For marketization of agricultural products thus ‘surplus’ of production over consumption is required. But agriculture at that time was merely of the subsistence type.

What do you mean by commercialization of Agriculture?

The commercialization of agriculture means that the agricultural crops and goods are produced by the peasants for sale in the market and not for their own consumption. Commercialization of agriculture in India began during the British rule.

What does commercialisation of agriculture mean?

Commercialisation of agriculture is a phe­nomenon where agriculture is governed by commer­cial consideration i.e. certain specialised crops began to be grown not for consumption in village but for sale in national and even in international market.

What is commercial agriculture?

Commercial agriculture. Commercial agriculture is a large-scale production of crops for sale, intended for widespread distribution to wholesalers or retail outlets.