What is API rating for oil?

The service rating of passenger car and commercial automotive motor oils is classified by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The program certifies that an oil meets certain Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality and performance standards.

What does API SG mean on oil?

With regards to “API SG,” The American Petroleum Institute (API) Says: Status: “Obsolete” Service: “For 1993 and older engines”

What is API in engine oil?

The American Petroleum Institute, API, is a U.S.A trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. The higher the letter, the more recent the technology of the oil.

Is API SN higher than SG?

Is API SN higher than SG? As explained earlier, the higher the letter, the more recent and a higher specification would supersede the lower ones. API SN to SJ are for the most recent cars, API SH to SA for the older cars. In this case, you need API SL, so an API SJ, lower, cannot be good.

Is higher API oil better?

API gravity of crude oil grades Higher API indicates a lighter (lower density) crude. Lower API indicates a heavier (more dense) crude. Generally, lighter (high API) crudes are more valuable because they yield more high-value light products when run through a refinery.

Is API a Sn?

What is “API SN PLUS”? API SN PLUS is a new motor oil specification developed for turbocharged engines that is being developed in response to automakers request for motor oils that protect against Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI).

What is API SL?

2001 Gasoline Engine Service. Category SL was adopted to describe engine oils for use in 2001. It is for use in service typical of gasoline engines in present and earlier passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, vans and light trucks operating under vehicle manufacturers recommended maintenance procedures.

What is API SN?

How is oil API calculated?

The formula for API gravity is API = (141.5/SG) -131.5 where SG is the specific gravity of the petroleum liquid being measured. For example, for an API gravity of 50, add 131.5 to obtain 181.5. Multiply the specific gravity of the oil by the density of water to obtain the density of the oil.