What is an actors access account?

Actors Access is an online platform that allows actors to maintain profiles by uploading headshots, updating their resume, adding new skills and attributes, managing performance videos, and more. Casting Directors have the option to release Breakdowns to actors and receive submissions directly from them.

How do I get access to actors?

#1 Creating an account. You can create an account for free by going to ActorsAccess.com and clicking the green “Create a Free Account” button. You’ll be able to upload 2 headshots as well as your first SlateShot (we will discuss this below in #7) for free.

How do you verify auditions on actors access?

1) Click on the notification. As an Actor, you will get a notification of your audition schedule. Casting will include all relevant information such as date/time, location, and any special instructions….The schedule invite will give 3 response options:

  1. “Confirm Appointment”
  2. “Unavailable for Audition”
  3. “Reschedule”

Is there an actors Access app?

The Actors Access App for iOS is a quick and convenient way for the working Actor to view new roles fit for them, wherever they may be. The App also allows Actors to submit to these projects, and to view and respond to audition invitations. Download the Actors Access App via the App Store.

Can I see what my agent submits me for on actors access?

– Options: Selecting this gear wheel button gives you the options to “View Schedules”, “Create Audition/Callback”, and “Archive Project”. 2) Once within your Breakdown, you will see your project’s roles and the number of submissions each role has.

How long should clips be on actors access?

It allows the actor to have professional, searchable online video presence. An actor should post individual clips to Breakdown Services/Actors Access. The clips should be no more than one minute long with specific descriptive naming that helps the CD know what they are about to watch.

How much is actors access monthly?

Like Explore Talent, Backstage says that it will help you find acting jobs. But to sign up, you’ve got to pay a monthly subscription fee and there is no guarantee that you’ll get work. On the bright side, they charge less than Explore Talent — $12.50 per month or $150 per year.

What are the best casting websites for actors?

8 Best Casting Websites for Working Actors

  • Backstage.
  • Actors Access.
  • Casting Networks.
  • Playbill.
  • Casting Frontier.
  • Now Casting.
  • NYCastings.
  • IMDbPRO.

Can you Unsubmit on actors access?

ACTORS: How to Remove a Talent Representative Print 1) Go to Manage Representation under the “My Tools” menu. 2) Clicking “Remove” next to each Talent Representative listing will allow you to remove your Actors Access profile from their roster.

How do casting directors contact you on actors access?

CMAIL connects casting directors together with agents and managers and their clients. CMAIL allows casting directors to contact you directly when you submit yourself through Actors AccessSM. When you fill out your contact information in Actors AccessSM, use the Alternate Email Box to put in your text messaging address.

How much does it cost to post a breakdown on actors access?

1) A la Carte: Single submissions are $2 USD per role, with an additional $3 USD per attached performance video/audio. 2) Actors Access PLUS: For only $68 USD, you can purchase an annual subscription to Actors Access PLUS. This will allow you to submit to any Actors Access Breakdown at no additional cost.