What is a Walmart asset protection associate?

Secures and safeguards the Facility and surrounding areas by observing and communicating suspicious activity, assisting with investigations, maintaining paperwork, logs and other required documentation, and appropriately executing emergency response procedures.

What is asset protection job description?

An asset protection specialist is responsible for supporting programs that deter theft and profit loss in retail stores. Daily job duties include improving security methods, keeping up with trends in security, working on the store floor, training store associates in loss prevention, and inspecting the store inventory.

How much do Walmart asset protection associates make?

The typical Walmart Asset Protection Associate salary is $16 per hour. Asset Protection Associate salaries at Walmart can range from $8 – $26 per hour.

How do I become an asset protection associate?

Some employers accept job experience or training from the military or law enforcement instead of a degree. An asset protection associate or assistant are entry-level positions in retail stores that require little or no previous experience. Such jobs may require a high school diploma.

Is Walmart asset protection a hard job?

Walmart is honestly what you make it. The job isn’t hard if you have good managers. Scheduling is good depending on the store.

What does AP mean at Walmart?

Asset Protection specialists
Our Asset Protection specialists provide security in our stores, at distribution centers, and at corporate facilities. More than that, Asset Protection teams ensure compliance and prevent shrink. With the help of safety-minded experts like you, we can provide a safe experience for both our shoppers and our associates.

What are the duties of an asset protection associate?

Asset protection associates prevent theft or fraud in their departments by developing and implementing safety and security measures for the organization’s customers and employers. They monitor all operations with the help of surveillance cameras and equipment.

What is asset protection law?

Asset protection is a component of financial planning intended to protect one’s assets from creditor claims. Individuals and business entities use asset protection techniques to limit creditors’ access to certain valuable assets while operating within the bounds of debtor-creditor law.

What does AP mean in Walmart?

Can asset protection detain you?

Store security guards cannot charge you with a crime, either. Only the police can do that. Generally, loss prevention officers will detain and question you, then call the police. In all likelihood, the police will then arrest you and charge you with shoplifting.

What is the salary for a asset protection?

Asset Protection Salaries

Job Title Salary
Best Buy Asset Protection salaries – 263 salaries reported $37,079/yr
Target Asset Protection salaries – 166 salaries reported $40,149/yr
Macy’s Asset Protection salaries – 118 salaries reported $39,162/yr
Walmart Asset Protection salaries – 117 salaries reported $18/hr

How does Walmart LP work?

One of the latest loss prevention measures Walmart is trying out is image recognition of store items. The scanner tracks if an item from the shelf is placed in a bag before getting through the checkout counter. If the person gets through checkout and tries to leave the store, Walmart can detain them.

What does an asset protection specialist do?

An asset protection specialist works with individuals and companies to prevent losses and facilitate claims in the event of a loss.

What are the requirements for asset protection?

The requirements for an asset protection trust are: It must be irrevocable. The trustee must be an individual located in the state, or a bank or trust company licensed in that state. It must only allow distributions at the trustee’s discretion. It must have a spendthrift clause. Some or all of the trust’s assets must be located in the trust’s state.

What is best buy asset protection?

A Best Buy Asset Protection Associate coaches and leads employees in asset protection best practices to ensure a safe, secure and profitable environment throughout the store. They work with the Asset Protection Lead to resolve any hazards or compliance issues and investigate any accidents.