What is a twitter discussion?

Twitter chats are conversations that occur on Twitter at a designated date and time about a certain topic. Many Twitter chats have a host or moderator who will lead the discussion by tweeting questions or topics for participants to comment on or discuss.

How do you join a group chat on twitter?

Use the site “Twibes” to find Twitter groups that share your interests. The site allows any Twitter user to join a group, called a “twibe,” simply by sending a tweet that includes the URL of the twibe’s homepage. After you join, any tweet you send that includes the twibe’s keywords will go to all members of the twibe.

How do you facilitate a twitter chat?

How to Host a Twitter Chat

  1. Monitor other chats and fill a void.
  2. Determine your topic and make it the theme of your chat(s).
  3. Choose your hashtag.
  4. Pick a date and time.
  5. Create engaging questions for discussion.
  6. Bring in guest tweeters to help you host your chat.
  7. Promote your Twitter chat ahead of time.

What do you mean by hosting a twitter chats?

Twitter chats (or Tweet chats) are public conversations organized around a specific topic on Twitter. These moderated discussions take place at a predetermined time, with a predetermined hashtag. They’re a great way to build community around your brand. The most important Twitter chat tips and best practices.

Why can’t I see replies to my tweets?

Replies from people with protected Tweets will only be visible to their followers. If someone sends you a reply and you are not following them, the reply will not appear in your Home timeline. Instead, the reply will appear in your Notifications tab.

What is a chat hashtag?

What is a Hashtag Chat? People are also chatting on Twitter, using hashtag chats. These are discussions between two or more people on Twitter, in which followers connect through the use of hashtags. A hashtag is a group of characters that is preceded by a pound sign.

How do Twitter groups work?

Twitter Lists allow you to customize, organize and prioritize the Tweets you see in your timeline. You can choose to join Lists created by others on Twitter, or from your own account you can choose to create Lists of other accounts by group, topic or interest.

How do you find group chats on Twitter?

How to find a Twitter chat

  1. Chat Salad is a great place to find chats that are currently happening or taking place in the near future.
  2. Tweet Reports also has a great listing of Twitter chats.
  3. Twubs, a website where you can register a hashtag, has an easy-to-read and thorough listing of chats.

Are twitter chats still a thing?

Twitter chats are scheduled, recurring conversations usually hosted by the same accounts. They can be monthly or weekly but a key component is that they always happen at the same time. Each chat is designated by its own hashtag and often features a single broad topic.

How do you space your tweets?

How to create a Space

  1. You can start a Space two ways: Long press on compose and then tap the new Spaces icon on the left.
  2. You can invite people to speak, share thoughts, send emojis, and more.
  3. Your mic will be off to start.
  4. Now you can start recording in your Space.

Are Twitter chats effective?

Conclusion. With the right tools and topics in hand, participating in Twitter chats as a business can be highly beneficial. You’ll find new engaging followers, spread brand awareness and establish authority in your field. It’s another tactic of hashtag marketing that can launch your business into Twitter success.

Are replies to tweets public?

One of Twitter’s more powerful conversational features is @replies (or @mentions). Tweets that are @replies are public and visible to all Twitter users from your Twitter page, but they are directed specifically to one Twitter user.

Why are there groups of people on Twitter?

With the typical Twitter user tweeting several times per day, you can easily lose track of updates from your favorite Twitter users as you plough through hundreds of posts. That’s why Twitter gives you the ability to group together users in separate lists.

How do you add people to a group on Twitter?

Click on a group message to open it. Click the ellipsis in the top right-hand corner and choose “Add people” from the menu that appears.In the address box, enter the name (s) or @username (s) of your followers to whom you want to send a message. Click “Done” to add them to the group message.

When do moderators tweet about Twitter chats?

In the 24 hours before a chat starts, moderators & panel members are likely to tweet about it. You’ll see tweets or pictures like the one below. Join us & our guests @NickKellet @CoopPaula @AskAaronLee @kilby76 @ 9pm ET for our first #EduOverEbola Twitter Chat! pic.twitter.com/B8o5Tv1LWR — The Rumie Initiative (@RumieInitiative) December 9, 2014

How does a Twitter chat work on Twitter?

A Twitter chat is where a group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. A host or moderator will pose questions (designated with Q1, Q2…) to prompt responses from participants (using A1, A2…) and encourage interaction among the group.