What is a synonym and antonym for distribution?

Antonyms: concentration, denseness, density, compactness, tightness. Synonyms: scattering, dissemination, statistical distribution, diffusion, dispersion, dispersal.

What is a synonym for distributive?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for distributive, like: associative commutative, dispersive, distributional, collective, attenuative, diffractional, disseminative, dissipative, , Heckscher-Ohlin and restrictiveness.

What is mean by distribute?

transitive verb. 1 : to divide among several or many : apportion distribute expenses distributes toys to needy children. 2a : to spread out so as to cover something : scatter evenly distribute the seeds.

What is the synonym of allocation?

ration, redistribute, set, share (out), split.

What is the opposite found?

Antonym of Found

Word Antonym
Found Lost
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What is the opposite of the distributive property?

Using the distributive property in reverse allows the sum or difference of two products to be written as a product of one number and the sum or difference of two numbers.

What is the synonym of integrative?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for integrative, like: blend, unifying, centralizing, combine, centripetal, integrable, consolidative, , combining, integrate and disintegrative.

What is an example of distribute?

Distribute is defined as to divide, scatter or hand out. An example of distribute is to give a handout to each student in the class.

How do you use distribute?

1to give things to a large number of people; to share something between a number of people distribute something The newspaper is distributed free. distribute something to somebody/something The organization distributed food to the earthquake victims.

What’s another word for efficiently?


  • ably,
  • adeptly,
  • adroitly,
  • competently,
  • deftly,
  • dexterously,
  • expertly,
  • masterfully,

What is the opposite word of allocation?

Opposite of to assign to someone or for a particular purpose. misallocate. deallocate. free. hold.

Which is the best synonym for the word distribute?

2. distribute. verb. (dɪˈstrɪbjuːt) Distribute or disperse widely. Synonyms. spread redistribute sprawl export strew diffuse straw discharge deploy generalize metastasize metastasise propagate fan out spread out straggle generalise. Antonyms. gather fancy cover full painted. Etymology. distribute (English)

Is the word divide the same as distribute?

In some situations, the words divide and distribute are roughly equivalent. However, divide stresses the separation of a whole into parts and implies that the parts are equal. When could dole out be used to replace distribute?

When to use a deal instead of distribute?

While all these words mean “to give out, usually in shares, to each member of a group,” distribute implies an apportioning by separation of something into parts, units, or amounts. When can deal be used instead of distribute? While the synonyms deal and distribute are close in meaning, deal emphasizes the allotment of something piece by piece.

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