What is a Lardon of bacon?

Lardon is just a fancy word for slab bacon sliced into matchsticks (there’s some debate as to appropriate dimensions, but about ¼-inch thick, 1-inch long seems to be a sweet spot).

Are lardons the same as pork belly?

The technical description is as follows: A lardon is a strip or cube of either uncured pork fat or salt cured pork. The pork belly is where bacon comes from. It has softer fat and the delicious meat that we love to eat.

What is another name for Lardon?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for lardon, like: pancetta, polenta, pinenuts, croquette, crouton, red-cabbage, remoulade, sour-cream, hollandaise, sauteed and celeriac.

Is pancetta the same as bacon?

How Are Pancetta and Bacon Different? The biggest difference between pancetta and bacon is that bacon is smoked and pancetta is salt-cured and dried. In terms of cooking, this means that bacon is still raw and should be cooked while pancetta can be eaten both cooked or uncooked.

What do the French call bacon?

A few hundred years later, within France, the French changed the meaning of their word lard. They made the word lard mean bacon and now the French have two words for bacon, both bacon, and lard. At that time they changed the word for pig fat in French to saindoux (pronounced sane-doo).

Is lardon the same as salt pork?

Lardons come from French cuisine. Originally and traditionally lardons were made from salt-cured pork, not smoked bacon. You can feel free to use whatever you like. Other cuisines—lots of other cuisines—includes small bit of cooked pork in their dishes, but the word lardons is French.

Is Side pork healthier than bacon?

It’s not cured so there is no need to over salt it or add in any nitrites. For this reason, many consider pork belly to be healthier in comparison. Pork belly also tends to be higher in fat. With higher nitrites and sodium levels bacon is often considered to be far less healthy than that of pork belly.

Why is meat larded?

Larding is a method used to add fat to very lean and/or tough pieces of meat. The added fat acts to moisten, enhance the flavor and tenderize meat as it cooks. Typically, a strip of lard, referred to as a lardon, is cut from bacon or pork and chilled to harden the substance.

Why can you eat ham raw but not bacon?

You can kill these parasites and reduce your risk of food poisoning by cooking bacon properly. Eating raw bacon can increase your risk of foodborne illnesses, such as toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, and tapeworms. Therefore, it’s unsafe to eat raw bacon.

Which is healthier bacon or pancetta?

Is Pancetta or Bacon Healthier? Despite both pancetta and bacon having a high amount of sodium, there is less salt in pancetta, which could make it the healthier choice. As mentioned above, pancetta contains around 850 mg and 1643 mg of sodium per 100 grams, while bacon contains about 1850 mg of sodium per 100 grams.

Does France use bacon?

The French refer to bacon as “lard salé.” Like with bacon from other countries in Europe, French bacon typically comes from pork loin. Some versions of it, however, feature back meat. Because French cooking is often delicate and sophisticated, chefs often use lard salé to flavor soups, sauces and glazes.

Is bacon a pork?

Bacon is a cured pork meat. It is one of the most popular foods in the United States. In America, bacon refers to streaky bacon that is a cut of meat from belly or sides of a pig. Bacon is a product of pork produced after curing the pork and can be eaten raw or after cooking.