What is a good opening statement for a debate?

Opening Statement Checklist State your theme immediately in one sentence. Tell the story of the case without argument. Persuasively order your facts in a sequence that supports your theme. Decide whether to address the bad facts in the opening or not.

How do you start an introduction for a debate?

As with many types of text, the purpose of the introduction in a debate speech is to do several things: grab the attention of the audience, introduce the topic, provide a thesis statement, and preview some of the main arguments. Securing the attention of the audience is crucial.

What makes a good opening statement?

An effective opening statement is built around a theme that can be summed up in a simple word or phrase or in a single sentence. The theme developed should be straightforward, clear, and designed to catch and hold the jury’s attention. It should get directly to the heart of the dispute.

Can you object during opening statements?

Objections, though permissible during opening statements, are very unusual, and by professional courtesy are usually reserved only for egregious conduct. Defendants are also allowed the option of delaying their opening statement until after the close of the prosecution or plaintiff’s case.

How do you start a defense opening statement?

A strong defense opening statement will do the following:

  1. Tell a story.
  2. Plant the defense themes.
  3. Make concessions only with great caution.
  4. Make the defense case concisely.
  5. Humanize the defendant.
  6. Make no promises about the defendant testifying.
  7. Argue the defendant’s case.
  8. End on a high note.

How does an opening statement in a debate work?

Just like in an opening statement from a cover letter, a debate opening statement must be brief and should support the claims of the speaker. The judges will rate the opening statement of the competitor by determining if it is clearly spoken and if it directly addresses the issue presented for the debate.

Which is an example of an opening statement?

Below is an outline sample of an opening statement for your debate. The motion statement for the debate for this example is, technology harms our future. Your opening statement might be: Honorable Chair, our motion today is, technology harms our future.

What should be included in a debate evaluation form?

Other debate evaluation forms will include a specific student information section for those competitors who are competing as a single player in the debate. The details can include the grade level of the competing participant, his age, and his field of specialities such as politics or scientific studies.

What should be the subject of a debate?

The subject of the debate can either be presented in a form of a question or a bullet for separate topics per competing pair. The location and the educational institution who hosted the event should also have their logos and names after the event’s title to acknowledge their sponsorship application and partnership.