What is a constraint in Freecad?

Constraints are used to define lengths, set rules between sketch elements, and to lock the sketch along the vertical and horizontal axes. Some constraints require use of Helper constraints.

How do I change constraints in Freecad?

To edit the constraints values, double-click on a constraint value in the 3D view, or double-click on the constraint or right-click and select Edit value in the Constraint list in the Tasks tab.

How do I constrain a circle in Freecad?

Click on the centre of a circle. Then hold down the Ctrl key and click on a corner of the construction geometry. Click on the Create a coincident constraint on the selected item icon to place the circle at that corner of the square. Repeat this with three more circles so there is a circle at each corner.

How do I remove a constraint in Freecad?


  1. Go to the Sketch → Sketcher tools → Delete All Constraints menu.
  2. Reply Yes to the dialog pop up.

How do you create a construction line in Freecad?


  1. Invoke construction mode by clicking on the Toggle construction or by using the Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Toggle construction geometry entry in the Sketcher menu.
  2. This will change the color for creating new geometric elements to blue.
  3. Newly created geometric elements will now be created in construction mode.

Is FreeCAD a virus?

No. FreeCAD does not contain any ransomware. It is free software.

Is FreeCAD good for beginners?

It was easy to create objects in the 3D scene and access and also modify your projects in the FreeCAD interface of the software. Free Cad has very good open software option that keeps a beginner busy.

Is FreeCAD a malware?

What do you mean by constraint in FreeCAD?

In FreeCAD the word ” Constraint ” is normally used to refer to a “rule” to draw geometrical shapes inside a Sketch ( Sketcher::SketchObject class).

How are dimensions defined in constraint FreeCAD sketcher?

Datum or dimensional constraints define characteristics of the shapes by specifying dimensions, for example, a numeric length or an angle. See the information in the Sketcher Workbench for a list of all constraints that can be applied.

What’s the best way to use constraint in sketcher?

There is a general rule with constraints: the fewer amount of datum constraints (dimensions), the better. It is preferable to use a geometric constraint in place of a dimensional one if possible. This has to do with the internal workings of the Sketcher’s constraint solver. 1. Open FreeCAD, create a new empty document with File → New .

Why are there no constraints in combo view?

You can’t see all the Constraints in the Combo View (Vista Combinata) window because your Constraints filter is set to Normale but if you change the filter type to All, then you’ll be able to see those Coincident Constraints. Also, your FreeCAD version is very old and FreeCAD has improved a lot since then. You can get a new version here: