What happened to Volant skis?

Volant is a brand of ski equipment, currently owned by Amer Sports. In 2003, the Volant brand was acquired by Amer Group, LLC (the parent company of Atomic, and several other brands of sporting equipment).

Are old skis valuable?

The older and longer the skis, the more valuable they are. Signatures, race logos and manufacturers’ names add value. A wood ski is usually preferable to people buying for decorating reasons. The skis are fairly common, but the white bamboo poles are tough to find.

How much should a beginner spend on skis?

For the average recreational skier, it’s reasonable to spend $600 to $800 for a solid kit of new skis, boots, and bindings. The exception: If buying American-made is important to you or you’re looking for a handcrafted product, you can spend upwards of $800 on the skis alone.

Are light skis better than heavy skis?

When you choose lightweight skis, you often run the risk of losing some performance. Heavier skis often feel more confidence-inspiring in these types of conditions because they feel more glued to the snow. Dainty skis can get bucked or deflected easier by cut-up snow.

Are Volant skis any good?

Judging by our testers’ comments (I didn’t get to ski them myself) they were fairly impressed with the Golds. They seem to be about right for their market: very smooth and stable in long turns, up to reasonably high speeds, without too much rebound. 100% on-piste skis.

What are Volant skis made of?

Light Woodcore: Made from poplar – ideal for our powder, all-mountain and freeride touring skis that need to be strong but really light. Topsheet: Steel Cap 4.0 Stainless Steel. Volant has the worldwide patent on this construction for skis of high-grade steel.

Are 20 year old skis still good?

Here are some things to consider regarding old equipment. Imagine you have 20-plus year-old skis, you use them 7-10 days a year, so the total work days would be 200-300 days. If you still want to continue skiing on your old skis, then sharpen the edges, clean and wax the base, and make sure the bindings are safe.

Are used skis worth it?

Buying secondhand skis is an excellent way to save money. The condition of the used skis you purchase is crucial to your enjoyment on the Colorado ski slopes. You also want skis that will last a couple of seasons.

Are lighter skis better for beginners?

Generally speaking, a lighter ski will be easier for a beginner to control, especially when it comes to initiating turns on groomed snow. However, skis that are extremely light will get knocked around and deflect more rough, bumpy, or chunky snow than heavier skis, which can make skiing on unsmooth snow more difficult.

Why are race skis heavy?

Heavier skis are harder to throw around, but do stick to the snow better and bounce around less, giving more control over the edges. This is why most racing skis are quite heavy. Most skis though fall into the allround category and are not too light but not too heavy either.