What happened to Sitmar Cruise Line?

SITMAR originally was an Italian shipping line founded by Russian émigré Alexandre Vlasov, however the company’s headquarters were later transferred to Monaco….Sitmar Cruises.

Type Public
Founder Alexandre Vlasov
Defunct 1988 (Merged into Princess Cruises
Fate Cruise ships (operational and in-build) acquired by P&O

Who bought sitmar cruises?

Princess Cruises
New Ships for ‘Love Boat’ Fleet : Princess Cruises to Acquire Sitmar in $210-Million Deal.

Where is the Fairstar now?

TSS Fairstar

United Kingdom
Identification IMO number: 5267732 Callsign: 5MXH
Nickname(s) “Fairstar the fun ship”
Fate Scrapped at Alang, India, 1997

Where is Pacific Aria now?

In 2015, the vessel was refurbished and transferred to P&O Australia, renamed “Pacific Aria” and homeported in Brisbane Queensland.

Where is the Pacific Eden now?

On 25 November 2015, Pacific Eden and her sister, Pacific Aria, were renamed at a ceremony held in Port Jackson, Sydney.

Who owns Pacific Aria?

Marios Iliopoulos
Seajets’ Marios Iliopoulos has purchased Pacific Aria, a fourth cruise ship in four months from Carnival Corp. & plc. Iliopoulos acquired the 55,900gt ship, built in 1994 as Holland America Line’s Ryndam, from P&O Cruises Australia.

What happens to da Gama and crew when they leave Malindi?

Many of the crew died of scurvy. At Malindi, because of greatly reduced numbers, da Gama ordered the “São Rafael” to be burned; there he also erected a padrão. (Out of da Gama’s original crew of 170, only 55 men had survived.)

Where is P & O Pacific Aria now?

Is the Sitmar Fairwind a luxury twin ship?

Sitmar Cruises “Luxury Twin” ships, Fairsea and Fairwind will be one class – luxury class. The nine decks and their variety of lounge rooms and entertainment areas, the cinema, the cocktail bars, everywhere you turn you will find something new to enjoy. Thus, the Fairsea and Fairwind will open up new dimensions in luxury.

Is there a Sitmar cruise ship in Australia?

However, the feature somehow required more, for Sitmar Cruises operated with more than just these two 5 Star luxury ship in the USA, for in Australia Sitmar Cruises had the TSS Fairstar based in Sydney as a full time one class cruise ship, and they also built a brand new ship in 1984, the magnificent SS Fairsky.

When did the Sitmar Line build the Fairsea?

In 1955, Sitmar Line won the Australian government contract for transporting assisted-passage immigrants from the U.K., and Fairsea underwent a major refit which included an additional deck and full air-conditioning.

When did the Sitmar cruise ships become 5 star ships?

Follow the wonderful career of these two ships after the newly formed Sitmar Cruises completely rebuilt and transformed them into sleek, elegant and luxurious 5 Star cruise ships in 1971 and 1972.