What happened to Ryan Leslie?

Music Producer Ryan Leslie Loses Entire Music Catalog To Settle Million-Dollar Beef Over Missing Laptop. A jury found Leslie liable and ordered him to pay Augstein $1.18 million in damages. But the producer then filed for bankruptcy following the judgment and Augstein has been fighting to get his money ever since.

When did Ryan Leslie come out?

February 10, 2009
Ryan Leslie (album)

Ryan Leslie
Released February 10, 2009
Recorded 2007–2008
Genre R&B hip hop
Length 48:12

Did Ryan Leslie go to Harvard?

He was accepted to all except for Stanford. He ultimately decided to attend Harvard College. At the age of 19, Leslie graduated from Harvard with a degree in Government, concentrating in Political Science and Macroeconomics.

Does Ryan Leslie still make music?

Ryan Leslie has been pretty since the settlement deal, not really doing much in terms of production and almost nothing as a featured artist. Back in January he did release a four song EP titled, Fleurier Flows. His latest single is titled, “Gorgeous”.

What happened singer Cassie?

After signing a joint deal with Epic Records and Bad Boy Entertainment in August 2017, it looks like Cassie may finally be free of her musical limbo. To celebrate, the Bad Boy songstress released “Love a Loser,” which also features G-Eazy on the track.

Which rapper graduated college?

Flavor Flav graduated from Adelphi University, where he met rapper Chuck D. Like Ice Cube, Flav is an old school rap legend.

How did Ryan Leslie make 2 million?

With his ability to communicate with his strongest fans, Ryan Leslie was able to execute a strategy that involved Psychographics, fan segmentation and providing an experience that grossed him over $2 million dollars.

Who is Cassie with now?

A source confirms to ET that Cassie and singer Brighton Reinhardt “have been dating for a few months,” and that the pair are “having fun together.” The source adds that Cassie’s sister, Michelle Randolph, and her boyfriend, actor Gregg Sulkin, “Get along with Brighton really well and approve of him for Cassie.”

Does Cassie have a child?

Frankie Fine

Does Jay Z have a college degree?

Jay-Z is a vocal supporter of the importance of education, even though he doesn’t have a degree himself. When he announced that he was performing at Carnegie Hall in 2011 to benefit his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, he talked about his own history with school. “Education is super important,” Jay-Z said.

Who is Cassie randolphs new boyfriend?

Cassie Randolph and boyfriend Brighton Reinhardt look happier than ever in their Instagram debut. The 26-year-old Bachelor alum’s beau shared a series of snaps of the pair cuddling up on the beach on Wednesday, July 28.

Who is Ryan Leslie and what does he do?

Leslie, who is a singer, songwriter, rapper and entrepreneur, as well as a Harvard University graduate, is also the founder and CEO of SuperPhone and NextSelection Lifestyle Group. In 2011, he was nominated for a Grammy.

When did Ryan Leslie release his first single?

The single was released March 23, 2009. After many setbacks, his self-titled album, Ryan Leslie, was finally released on February 10, 2009. Leslie wrote, arranged, produced, and performed every song on his album.

Why did Ryan Leslie switch to the piano?

Leslie grew up around music, playing cornet as a child in the Salvation Army band. Ryan later switched to piano because his overbite made it difficult to get proper embouchure on a brass instrument.

How old was Ryan Leslie when he graduated from Harvard?

At the age of 19, Leslie graduated from Harvard with a degree in Government, concentrating in Political Science and Macroeconomics. During the undergraduate Class Day ceremonies, Leslie was selected to be the Harvard Male Orator, one of four seniors who deliver orations to the graduating senior class.