What footballer died on the pitch?

The following is a list of association footballers who died while playing, either directly from injuries sustained during a game, or after being taken ill on the pitch….List of association footballers who died while playing.

Date 13 January 1889
Name William Cropper
Age 26
Team Staveley
Notes Ruptured bowel in a match against Grimsby Town led to death the next day.

Did Miklos Feher die on the pitch?

Benfica’s Hungarian striker Miklos Feher died last night after suffering an apparent heart attack in the closing stages of his team’s league game with Vitoria Guimaraes.

Where did Miklos Feher die?

Guimaraes, Portugal
Miklós Fehér/Place of death

What happened Miklos Feher?

Benfica’s Hungarian striker Miklos Feher died of natural causes and not because he had taken drugs, the Hungarian Justice Department has announced. The 24-year-old suffered a fatal heart attack during the January 25 league clash between Benfica and Vitoria Guimaraes. He died shortly afterwards.

Who died in Football 2021?


Player Pos Date of Death
Rick Arrington QB 9/7/2021
Ted Bates MLB 4/17/2021
Jim Beirne WR-TE 5/28/2021
Jim Bertelsen RB 5/7/2021

What killed Miklos Feher?

January 25, 2004
Miklós Fehér/Date of death

How Miklos Feher died?

Miklós Fehér/Cause of death

His condition was covered by the Portuguese media throughout the day and, before midnight, his death was confirmed, the cause of death being cardiac arrhythmia brought on by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In his memory Benfica retired the number 29 shirt, which he wore during his time at the club.

How did Miklos Feher died?

What athletes have died in 2021?

In memoriam: Athletes and sports figures who died in 2021

  • In memoriam…
  • Henry “Hank” Aaron — MLB Hall of Famer.
  • Floyd Little — NFL Hall of Famer.
  • Paul Westphal — NBA player and coach.
  • Tommy Lasorda — MLB manager.
  • Don Sutton — Hall of Fame pitcher.
  • Ted Thompson — NFL general manager.
  • Sekou Smith — NBA journalist.

Who was the Brazilian player who died on the pitch?

Sunday’s FC Alverca game against Uniao Almeirim was postponed as players from both teams stood together at midfield in prayer. Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images FC Alverca’s Brazilian midfielder Alex Apolinario has died in hospital, four days after collapsing on the pitch during a third division game in Portugal.

Who was the soccer player that died in Portugal?

Brazilian soccer player Alex Apolinario dies after collapsing on pitch during match in Portugal The incident happened on Sunday in FC Alverca’s match against UFC Almerim

How did the Brazilian soccer player Alex Apolinario die?

Jan 8, 2021 at 4:14 pm ET1 min read Brazilian soccer played Alex Apolinario has died after a suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest that caused him to collapse during a match on Sunday, according to…

What was the name of the football player who died?

Your information will be used in accordance with our Privacy Notice. Alex Apolinario has died aged 24 after he collapsed during a match in the Portuguese third tier on Sunday. The Brazilian footballer was playing for FC Alverca against Uniao de Almeirim when he suffered a cardiac arrest.