What does Trapeze software do?

The Trapeze technology suite provides enterprise software for ferry and multimodal transport management. This includes planning and scheduling, enterprise resource planning, and Intelligent Transport Systems – delivering increased efficiencies and improving ferry commuter convenience.

Who owns trapeze?

Volaris Group Inc.
Trapeze Software/Parent organizations

Who owns Modaxo?

Bill Delaney
Bill Delaney has been named Modaxo’s CEO. With more than two dozen companies, representing 12 brands, Modaxo comprises 2,000 people, operating from 35 offices in 21 countries around the world.

How much does a trapeze cost?

Trapeze: with ends Bars are $350 for either style. All trapezes have synthetic, 1″ rope and come padded and covered with fabric to approximately 1 1/2 feet above the bar (about ankle hang length). If you would like the fabric sewn the length of the ropes, there is an extra charge of $50.

What is Trapeze system?

Trapeze PASS is a scheduling and dispatching application developed to support the transportation management efforts of demand response transit services while following guidelines from the Americans with Disabilities Act. PASS can be used for client registration, trip booking, real-time scheduling, and dispatching.

What is bed trapeze?

A hospital bed trapeze helps people living with mobility impairments and those confined to bed for long periods of time to sit up in bed, and to reposition themselves to optimize comfort and reduce pressure.

Why is it called trapeze?

The trapeze was invented in 1859 by a French performer named Jules Leotard. The word trapeze comes from the Latin word trapezium, a geometrical four-sided figure that is mimicked by the shape made by the ceiling, ropes, and bar in a trapeze.

How long is a trapeze bar?

The Trapeze Bar comes with two zinc plated chains. Chains are approximately 3 feet long. The Trapeze Bar is 21″ in length and is 1″ diameter. The Trapeze Bar is coated with plastisol, a plastic coating.

What is the meaning of paratransit?

Paratransit provides transportation for people with disabilities who are unable to use the regular, fixed route transit service that serves their region. Paratransit usually provide door-to-door service for people who call to reserve a ride.

Which device is used to help moving a patient safer?

A mechanical lift is a hydraulic lift, usually attached to a ceiling, used to move patients who cannot bear weight, who are unpredictable or unreliable, or who have a medical condition that does not allow them to stand or assist with moving.

Who is the most famous trapeze artist?

Antoinette Concello was known as “greatest woman flyer of all time”. She was the first female trapeze to accomplish the dangerous triple somersault. Born Antoinette Comeau was born in Sutton, Quebec Canada in 1909. Antoinette’s father was a railroad worker.

What kind of company is Trapeze Software Inc?

Trapeze Software Inc. is an operating company of Constellation Software that is engaged in the development, installation and customization of intelligent transportation systems.

Which is the best installer for objective trapeze?

Objective Trapeze is a desktop application that is installed locally to each computer. For individual installations an interactive .exe installer is available, for organizational deployment we recommend using the .msi installer. Objective Trapeze is highly configurable and customizable, optionally as part of the deployment common user

When was Southern Computer Systems acquired by trapeze?

2008 Acquired Southern Computer Systems a privately held company providing fleet management software to Local Authorities, bus companies and coach operators throughout the UK. Trapeze’s point systems and enterprise started on the DOS platform and later moved over to the Windows platform.

What are the different types of trapeze acts?

Trapeze acts may be static, spinning (rigged from a single point), swinging or flying, and may be performed solo, double, triple or as a group act. The name of the apparatus reflects the trapezoid shape made by the horizontal bar, ropes and ceiling support.