What does Stephen Curry do before a game?

Before Steph practices jump shots or layups, he starts with a two-ball dribble sequence to lay out his ball-handling foundation, knowing that he’ll be dribbling the ball far more than shooting it. Once he does about 15 to 20 minutes of ball-handling work, he moves on to some form shooting drills.

What is Stephen Curry steals per game?

Per Game

Season Age STL
2012-13 24 1.6
2013-14 25 1.6
2014-15 26 2.0
2015-16 27 2.1

Is Steph Curry a good ball handler?

Stephen Curry is considered the top among the most accomplished shooters in history. Enough about the shooting; the way Steph Curry handles makes him a solid ball-handler too. He has a series of vicious crossovers, size-up dribbles, and some pretty good hesitation moves to deceive his defender.

What team does Stephen Curry play for 2021?

June 15, 2021 at 5:48 p.m. Warriors guard Stephen Curry was named to the 2020-21 All-NBA first team, the league announced Tuesday. Curry joins Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic, the 2020-21 season MVP, and Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo as the leading vote-getters.

How do NBA players warm up?

Game Day Jumpstart: My favorite warm-up before games is to work with the jump rope. Beyond that, I work to get a lot of shots up before games as well. Stretching It Out: Some of my specific exercises and stretches typically involve mini bands. I do a lot of band stretching as well as dynamic stretching.

How do you dribble like curry?

When handling the ball, dribble aggressively and to the side of your foot, maintaining a bounce height that reaches between your knee and hip. Keep in mind that the more power you put behind each dribble, the more control you’ll have over the ball.

How many 3s does Steph Curry have?

List of National Basketball Association career 3-point scoring leaders

Rank Name Total 3-point field goals made
2 Stephen Curry^ 2,832
3 Reggie Miller* 2,560
4 Kyle Korver† 2,450
5 James Harden^ 2,445

Who is faster Kyrie or curry?

If you analyze Kyrie Irving’s gameplay, you will see that he is a good shooter. His stats, however, suggest that Kyrie Irving is still far from overtaking Stephen Curry. However, Kyrie’s ball-handling skills are superior to Curry’s.

Who has better handles Kyrie or Steph?

Curry has a fantastic handle, probably second-best in the league, and certainly one of the best of all time. The problem for Steph is, Irving is the one above him. Curry (1.7) has averaged more steals per game than Irving (1.3), but Kyrie (0.4) has the advantage over Steph (0.2) in blocks.

How many three pointers did Steph Curry make?

Curry, who made an NBA record 402 three-pointers as the Warriors wrote their names into history with 73 regular-season wins, sprints his way out of the tunnel, which seems pleased to have finally lost the gaze of hundreds. Curry, as is tradition, has his laces untied, running around to the bench before tying them up.

What does Steph Curry do in the pregame warm up?

A dramatic windmill-like motion ensues where his arm circles over his shoulder at almost 180 degrees as he executes a series of lay-ups, before heading back to the elbow for one-dribble, one-handed floaters. This particular warm up was ahead of the Warriors’ victory over the Dallas Mavericks, which moved them to 65-7.

Why does Steph Curry have his laces untied?

Curry, as is tradition, has his laces untied, running around to the bench before tying them up. For someone so valuable to his team, it would be ironic if a trip were to leave him injured. If Curry has trained his jump shot to work in auto-pilot, he has done just as much work acclimatising to this amount of eyes staring at him.

What did Drake say to Steph Curry before game?

As Curry begins his through-the-legs and around-the-back routine, Drake begins playing on the sound system. 0 to 100 blares out. As Curry dribbles harder, the words ring out: “I been Steph Curry with the shot. Been cookin’ with the sauce, chef, curry with the pot, boy.”