What does race stand for in a fire emergency?

REMOVE persons from immediate danger ALERT
Recall the RACE Acronym: REMOVE persons from immediate danger. ALERT nearby staff and members of the public and call your site emergency number. CONFINE fire and smoke, close windows and doors (if safe to do so) EXTINGUISH and control the fire (if safe to do so)

What are the four 4 race procedures?

Here are the four steps involved in a RACE evacuation plan:

  • Step 1: Remove. The very first step of your emergency evacuation plan is ensuring all people inside the premises are taken to safety.
  • Step 2: Alert/Alarm.
  • Step 3: Confine/Contain.
  • Step 4: Extinguish/Evacuate.

What is race in an emergency?

Fires create panic and confusion. While your workplace or healthcare team may already be trained in your organisation’s fire plan, parts of it can often be lost in the panic of the moment if a fire emergency really does arise. The RACE acronym simply stands for: Remove, Alarm/Alert, Confine, Extinguish/Evacuate.

What does the race strategy mean?

The RACE acronym stands for: R – Restate the question. A – Answer the question completely. C – Cite evidence from the text. E – Explain the text evidence.

What does the R stand for in race?

RACE: Remove, Alarm, Confine and Extinguish or Evacuate.

What 4 actions would you take in the event of a fire?

In summary:

  1. Be prompt and calm.
  2. Turn off any hazardous machinery.
  3. Do not stop to collect personal belongings.
  4. Head to the nearest fire exit.

What is race procedure?

RACE: Remove, Alarm, Confine and Extinguish or Evacuate This easy to remember acronym is our University procedure in the case of a fire. Particularly in the hospital, every staff member is trained to recognize and respond appropriately in the case of a fire using this term.

What does race stand for when writing?

reword, answer, cite and explain
To understand and answer the constructed response essay question, the easiest way is to memorize the acronym “RACE” – this stands for reword, answer, cite and explain.

What is race pass?

The wording includes the RACE acronym of “Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Extinguish” for firefighting procedures as well as the PASS acronym of “Pull the pin, Aim at base of fire, Squeeze handle, and Sweep side to side” for extinguisher usage.

What do race and pass stand for?

R.A.C.E: An acronym that hospital personnel use to remember their duties in case of fire. It stands for RESCUE, ALARM, CONFINE, EXTINGUISH/EVACUATE. P.A.S.S: An acronym that hospital personnel use to remember their duties for discharging a fire extinguisher.