What does MIOSHA do for Health and safety?

MIOSHA health and safety activities include: setting and enforcing occupational safety and health standards; providing extensive safety and health training and education; and working with partners to develop innovative programs to prevent workplace hazards.

How does the MIOSHA Ambassador program help Michigan’s economy?

To keep Michigan’s economy open we must ensure that we are properly prepared to work safely. Learn more about how we can do that by checking out our resources for your industry. The MIOSHA Ambassador Program helps Michigan businesses operate safely during the pandemic.

When do you file a complaint with MIOSHA?

An employee who believes he or she has been discharged, disciplined, or otherwise discriminated for exercising rights permitted by MIOSHA may file a complaint with MIOSHA. After an investigation, MIOSHA issues a decision that may be appealed within 15 working days to MOAHR by either the employer or employer.

How does the ALJ work in Lara MIOSHA Michigan?

At the hearing, the ALJ issues a decision in favor of, or against the Petitioner, based on the evidence created in the record. The Division is a party at the hearing. If the ALJ finds a violation of Section 65, the ALJ must order all appropriate relief, including rehiring with back pay.

Where can I find MIOSHA standards in Michigan?

The Office of Regulatory Reinvention provides the Michigan administrative code version of all MIOSHA standards in electronic form free of charge on their internet website. NEW -CS Part 13. Mobile Equipment, CS Part 665. Underground Construction, Caissons, Cofferdams, and Compressed Air, and GI and CS Part 432.

Who is the director of MIOSHA in Michigan?

“As the governor follows the science and data to re-engage our economy, our first priority is to protect workers from the spread of COVID-19,” MIOSHA Director Bart Pickelman said. “If employers follow the workplace guidelines, we can ensure Michiganders can return home healthy and safe.”

Which is the correct copy of MIOSHA rules?

MIOSHA promulgates administrative rules under the authority of the Michigan Administrative Procedures Act. The administrative rules printed in the Michigan Administrative Code is the true and correct copy of all MIOSHA promulgated rules.