What does Maggie sing in A Chorus Line?

At The Ballet
One legendary moment happens in A Chorus Line when Miss Maggie Winslow of San Mateo, California steps out of the line and begins singing her section of “At The Ballet.” Following Sheila Bryant and Bebe Benzenheimer recalling their moments of respite at the ballet, one of our favorite triple threats on the line sings ( …

Who is Maggie in chorus line?

Kay Cole
Notable casts

Character Off-Broadway (1975) First U.S. tour (1976)
Maggie Kay Cole
Mike Wayne Cilento Don Correia
Connie Baayork Lee
Greg Michel Stuart

How old is Val A Chorus Line?

As portrayed by Audrey Landers, the Val character in the 1985 movie adapation of A Chorus Line was slightly altered. Her birth name and city are the same, but instead she gives her age as 24-and-a-half.

Is Chorus Line a true story?

‘Chorus Line’ original Broadway cast member reflects on show’s 43-year history. Baayork Lee first sang her life story to Broadway audiences of “A Chorus Line” in 1975. The musical — conceived, choreographed and directed by the late Michael Bennett — told the true stories of professional dancers.

Is A Chorus Line appropriate for high school?

Every aspect of the show has been developed specifically for high school performers: dialogue and content are age-appropriate, dance sequences are of a length befitting high school dancers, and allowances are made to feature actors of any race or ethnicity.

What character sings What I Did for Love in A Chorus Line?

Diana Morales
Diana Morales, in reply, sings this anthem, which considers loss philosophically, with an undefeated optimism; all the other dancers concur. Whatever happens, they will be free of regret.

How many actors are in A Chorus Line?

A Chorus Line examines one day in the lives of seventeen dancers, all vying for a spot in the “chorus line” of a Broadway musical. After the first round of cuts, Zach, the director and choreographer, asks each dancer to speak about themselves.

Who sings What I Did for Love in A Chorus Line?

Marvin Hamlisch
What I Did for Love/Artists

Why was A Chorus Line so successful?

One of the reasons A Chorus Line achieved such a blockbuster success was that its stories resonated with everyone – not just those who dance. While the stories came specifically from dancers, the experiences they described of childhood memories, adolescent awkwardness, loss and hope were universal.

Who sings What I Did For Love A Chorus Line?

Is a chorus line okay for kids?

Ages: No children under 4 years old, including babes in arms, admitted. Show is PG-13.

Is a chorus line appropriate?

So let’s take “A Chorus Line.” I dropped in a line at the end of the review noting that the show was ideal for teenagers. So, yes, I’d say this one is for teenagers and older, although I’d say some mature and confident younger kids would be able to handle it.