What does IA stand for?

Acronym Definition
IA Iowa (US postal abbreviation)
IA Internet Archive
IA Interactive
IA Information Assurance

What does BDE stand for in the Army?

BDE – Brigade (U.S. Army)

What is the abbreviation of army?

Possible matching categories:

ARMY Ain’t Ready for the Marines Yet Miscellaneous » Funnies
ARMY Table of Distribution and Allowances/ Installation Army Governmental » Military
ARMY The Operating Army (divisions and corps) Governmental » Military
ARMY Anointed Radical Missionary Youth Community » Youth

What does IA stand for border patrol?

Immigration Agent
U.S. Immigration Abbreviations and Acronyms

AAO Administrative Appeals Office (formerly the Administrative Appeals Unit (AAU))
IA Immigration Agent
IBIS Interagency Border Inspection System
ICE (U.S.) Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICMS Investigations Case Management System

What is IA in texting?

IA means “I Agree.”

What is IA in law?

“Interlocutory application” means an application to the Court in any suit, appeal or proceeding already instituted in such Court, other than a proceeding for execution of a decree or order. Once an action has been commenced all subsequent applications are referred to as interlocutory applications.

What is the abbreviation for battalion?


A-1 Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Personnel
Bd Board
Bn Battalion
CBI China-Burma-India theater
Cbl Cablegram

What is BTS Army full form?

BTS recognise their fans as Army, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.

What is full form of or?

OR Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Logical Or (programming) Softwares OR
Logical Or Electronics OR
Operations Research Accounts and Finance OR
Operating Result Accounts and Finance OR

What does DHS stands for?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) protects our country’s borders and manages the flow of people and products into and out of the United States.

What is IA training Army?

Army IA protects and defends the Army’s computers and networks, and the information they hold, and of whether the data is stored, being processed or in transit from one machine to another. The goal of IA training is to ensure confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, and the non-repudiation of the data and of the system.

What is military IA?

In military, IA means imagery analyst; implementing arrangement; individual augmentee; information assurance. The meaning of IA is imagery analyst; implementing arrangement; individual augmentee; information assurance.

What is IA training in the Navy?

The two-week IA training program provides Sailors going into the theatre of operations with basic survival and combat skills. Students attending the IA training receive training in weapons, convoy operations, land navigation, first-aid and communications skills.