What does annie say lol?

“Don’t make me hurt you!” “Eeny, meeny, miny, burn!” “Let’s count to five!” “I want a turn!”

Is Tibbers Annie’s mother?

Tibbers was hand-crafted by Annie’s mother, with the mythical Shadow Bears as a template, and is the only memento she has of her. She uses it as a focus for her pyromancy to bring Tibbers to life as opposed to the previous lore when he was just a Shadow Bear whom Annie herself enthralled.

What neeko says?

“Neeko is on her fourth tail!” “Survival means blending in.” “The spirits are all around me. Warm, like hugs!”

What happened to Annie’s mother lol?

One day, when Annie was sick, her mother left to draw water from a nearby river and never returned. Her father soon remarried to another woman who also had a daughter of her own, Daisy.

Is Annie’s sister ivern’s Daisy?

In the short film Annie: Origins, Annie has a younger sister named Daisy, who died tragically after chasing a butterfly. Ivern is said to have saved Daisy and made Daisy his companion due to his ability to connect with nature, the world and the creatures, especially Lulu.

Is Neeko in love with Nidalee?

FauxSchizzle also confirmed that she did love Nidalee, but it was unrequited.

Who does Neeko have a crush on?

Over on Reddit, it’s been confirmed that Neeko has a crush on Nidalee, in a post that states: “For those of you who are like ‘why does this matter why are you forcing it in our face’, it’s just nice to have some LBGT representation in-game, and I’d hardly say it’s forced in your face.

What is Tibbers LoL?

Annie Ability (LoL): Summon: Tibbers On summon, using Pyromania on an enemy champion or if Annie dies while Tibbers is summoned, Tibbers becomes enraged, ignoring unit collision and gaining 275% bonus attack speed and 100% bonus movement speed which decays over 3 seconds.

What is Annie’s bear called?

Tibbers : The name of a stuffed Teddy Bear carried by the champion Annie from the popular MOBA game “League of Legends”. Annie can bring the ferocious Tibbers to life to destroy her enemies as her Ultimate Ability.

Is Zoe a human?

Instead, Zoe was a normal girl, seemingly chosen at random from among the Rakkor. It observed as the young girl playfully mocked the angry cries of the scholarly priests chasing her through the village. Then, after an hour-long pursuit, she found herself cornered against the sheer drop of a cliff’s edge.