What does alleviate suffering meaning?

: relieve, lessen: such as. a : to make (something, such as pain or suffering) more bearable a drug that alleviates the symptoms using relaxation techniques to alleviate stress To draw customers, [Richard G.]

What is the dictionary definition of alleviate?

to make easier to endure; lessen; mitigate: to alleviate sorrow; to alleviate pain.

What is another way to say alleviate?

synonyms for alleviate

  • allay.
  • assuage.
  • ease.
  • mitigate.
  • lighten.
  • mollify.
  • pacify.
  • soft-pedal.

Does alleviate mean ease?

The definition of alleviate is to make something easier to deal with or endure. An example of alleviate is to take pain killers to ease the tension of a headache.

How do nurses alleviate suffering?

Recognize patients are in pain and show them you understand. Be aware of body language. Use non-verbal communication skills, keeping in mind they are equally as important as words. Treat anxiety as suffering.

What does take off the edge mean?

Ease or assuage, make less severe, as in That snack took the edge off our hunger, or Her kind manner took the edge off her refusal. This term alludes to blunting the edge of a cutting instrument.

What does extenuate mean in English?

transitive verb. 1 : to lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of (something, such as a fault or offense) by making partial excuses : mitigate There is no economic analysis that can extenuate bigotry.—

Is Aleve a real word?

A trademark for the drug naproxen.

What is the opposite of jumbled?

▲ Opposite of mixed up, or in a state of disarray. orderly. arranged. methodical.

Which word best defines alleviate?

alleviate h-LEE-vee-ayt\ verb. : relieve, lessen such as a : to make (something, such as suffering) more bearable b : to partially remove or correct (something undesirable) Examples: Mom suggested that ibuprofen and tea would perhaps alleviate some of the misery of my cold.

How do you stop suffering?

She offers six strategies:

  1. Acknowledge patient suffering. Recognize patients are in pain and show them you understand.
  2. Be aware of body language.
  3. Treat anxiety as suffering.
  4. Coordinate care.
  5. Transcend diagnosis through care.
  6. Reduce suffering through autonomy.

What are three ways that you can help reduce a patient’s pain CNA?

Skills in distraction, reassurance and being gentle. In addition, using techniques like distraction and reassurance and being more gentle and alert while performing nursing procedures are effective in minimizing residents’ pain (Talerico et al.

What does alleviate mean in the English Dictionary?

If you alleviate pain, suffering, or an unpleasant condition, you make it less intense or severe . Nowadays, a great deal can be done to alleviate back pain. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

Which is the best definition of the word relieve?

verb If you alleviate pain, suffering, or an unpleasant condition, you make it less intense or severe. to make (pain, sorrow, etc) easier to bear; lessen; relieve to make less hard to bear; lighten or relieve (pain, suffering, etc.) to reduce or decrease

What do you mean by alleviation of arthritic pain?

alleviation \\ ə-​ˌlē-​vē-​ˈā-​shən \\ noun. the alleviation of arthritic pain … the stability of the developed world is as dependent on alleviation of problems in the third world as on the ability to keep the nuclear arms race under control. — Carl Marcy.

Which is an important way to alleviate problems?

The contributors mostly see the growth of civil society and the strengthening of civic education as important ways of alleviating the situation. The new research alleviated these fears to some extent, at least for certain problems.