What does a dashed circle mean in Blackboard?

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How do you add grades to Blackboard?

Create a My Grades Button on the Left Course MenuConfirm Edit Mode is set to ON in the upper right.Click the plus + symbol at the top of the left menu.Select Tool Link.Type the name. For Type select My Grades from the pulldown menu.Click the checkbox Available to Users.Click Submit.

What do the colors mean in Blackboard?

> 90% = green. 89–80% = yellow/green. 79–70% = yellow. 69–60% = orange.

Where are my grades blackboard?

There are three way to access your grades in Blackboard: In a Blackboard course, on the left side course menu, click My Grades. In a Blackboard course, on the left side course menu, click Student Tools and then My Grades. In the upper right click your name to access the Global Navigation Menu.

How do I see hidden grades on Blackboard student?

Blackboard (Faculty) – Grade Center: Show Hidden RowsGo to the Full Grade Center in your Blackboard course.Click the Manage tab.Choose Row Visibility from the drop-down list. Locate the hidden name on the list of students (it will be in italicized grey font and will have the term Hidden listed under the Status column)Place a checkmark to the left of the student’s name.

How do you edit grades on Blackboard?

Topic: Overriding Grades Click the Action Link to access the contextual menu then select View Grade Details. On the Grade Details page, click the Manually Override tab. In the Override Grade cell, enter a different grade. Optionally, enter Feedback to User which explains the grade change.

How do I organize columns in Blackboard?

Access the Column Organization pageHide, show, or move columns. Select columns’ check boxes and make a selection from a menu. First table. Shown in All Grade Center Views is always first, and you can’t move it. Reorder grading period tables and columns. Use the drag-and-drop function. Sort columns.

What does exempt mean in Blackboard?

Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) The exempting of an individual grade can be useful in situations, like where you would like to drop a low quiz/test score or you do not want to include a particular grade when calculating the student’s total score. From the drop-down menu, click the Exempt Grade option.

What is the meaning of exempt?

to free from an obligation or liability to which others are subject; release: to exempt a student from an examination.

How do I move columns in Blackboard Grade Center?

Change the Column OrderClick Grade Center from Control Panel.Ensure the Edit Mode is On, found at the top-right of your course window.Click Full Grade Center.Put your cursor on the Manage button.Select Column Organization.Position the mouse pointer on the cross icon to left of the column you wish to move.

What is smart view in Blackboard groups?

Smart Views are shortcuts into the grade center. As you provide and view grades, you are automatically obtaining information on how students are performing in your course. You can tailor your view of student progress by creating Smart Views. A Smart View shows only the data that matches a set of criteria.