What do I do if my V5 is wrong?

If any changes to your or the vehicle details are as a result of a mistake on the V5C, please correct the mistake on your V5C. Only fill in the details in section 6 or section 7 that need changing. Do not tick the new keeper box. Sign and date the declaration in section 8 and return it to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA.

Can I change log book details online?

It’s simple to use – you enter the vehicle registration number, log book (V5C) document reference number and the current postcode showing on your V5C. Then you enter your new address and your details will update in real time. That’s it!

Does it matter if my name is Spelt wrong on my V5?

You must update your vehicle log book (V5C) if you change your name. It’s usually free to update it. You can also update information if it is wrong by mistake, for example if your name is spelt incorrectly. It can take up to 6 weeks to get your new log book after you send it off.

How long does it take to change logbook details?

How Long to Change Address on V5? In most cases, it will take the DVLA around six (6) weeks to update and change address on V5. Contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if your new logbook does not arrive after waiting six weeks.

Does DVLA send marriage certificate back?

DVLA on Twitter: “@LaurenWerrett Your marriage certificate will be returned separately up to 2 weeks after you receive your licence: http://t.co/qh1loETmN0” / Twitter.

How do I change my name after marriage UK?

To change your surname to that of your husband, you do not need a Deed Poll. You can simply send off your marriage certificate along with a covering letter, explaining that you wish to have your surname changed to that of your husband, to all departments which need to update their records of you.

How do I transfer ownership of a log book?


  1. Conduct an Online NTSA Car Search to ensure the current logbook details are correct.
  2. Fill in the Application form below.
  3. Confirm you have all the necessary documents. Original Logbook. Duly filled KRA Transfer Form C by both the car seller and buyer. Copies of ID for both seller and buyer.

What happens if you don’t have a log book?

You’ll probably end up with no log book as the royal mail have a habit of storing and not delivering business things without a stamp on. Mistakes can happen you know – sure it wasn’t done deliberately. Blimmin’ eck. Do people really worry about this stuff? Put a bloody stamp on it.

What to do if your car log book is in the wrong name?

If you just send the slip off and change the registered keeper to you it will add another owner to the car. One of mine is in the wrong name because they spelt it wrong (and added an extra letter), but i don’t think it matters too much. Nothing to worry about as long as you have stated who is the registered keeper to the insurance.

How long does it take to get new log book from DVLA?

This will slash the amount of time it takes for motorists to receive a new log book from up to 6 weeks to just 5 working days. Last year DVLA received around 1.4 million paper applications for change of address on a vehicle record.