What did The Neptunes produce?

The Neptunes wrote and produced NSYNC’s final single, “Girlfriend”. The Neptunes wrote and produced the majority of Justin Timberlake’s debut solo album, Justified (2002), including lead singles “Like I Love You”, “Rock Your Body”, and “Señorita”.

What is Neptunes?

Neptune is dark, cold, and very windy. It’s the last of the planets in our solar system. It’s more than 30 times as far from the Sun as Earth is. Neptune is very similar to Uranus. It’s made of a thick soup of water, ammonia, and methane over an Earth-sized solid center.

How did Pharrell Williams learn to produce?

Like most things in life their step into the music industry was mostly hard-work and part luck – Teddy Riley’s studio was next door their school, when he visited the school talent show Pharrell caught his attention and he signed Pharrell and Hugo as production duo ‘The Neptunes’ after graduation.

Are The Neptunes nerd?

The group then released the first single for the album, “Lemon”, in early November of the same year….

Associated acts The Neptunes Spymob
Website www.nooneeverreallydies.com
Members Pharrell Williams Chad Hugo Shay Haley
Past members Rhea Dummett Eric Greene

Who found The Neptunes?

Pharrell Williams aka Skateboard P At the age of just 12, the aspiring musician started playing with Chad Hugo, a kid he met over summer vacation at band camp. They formed a group called The Neptunes which was discovered while still in high school by the legendary Teddy Riley who signed the pair soon after graduation.

What is the Neptunes sound?

What’s the secret to The Neptunes’ sound? The secret is there is no Neptunes sound. Neptunes sound is just pushing the envelope.

What does Pharrell use to make beats?

Now it isn’t officially known, but, given that Pharrell likes to use Beats Studio Over-Ear headphones when producing, and because he also uses MacBook Pro, that his DAW would be Logic Pro X. This is because, working on Mac Hardware, with Apple headphones, you need a DAW that takes the best advantage of all of this.

Who is the sound engineer for the Neptunes?

Andrew Coleman has what many would consider a dream job: primary engineer to hitmaking duo Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, better known as the Neptunes.

Where did The Neptunes get their sound from?

Coleman and the Neptunes became acquainted when the producers were clients of Master Sound, where he was a staff engineer. After their production of Noriega’s ‘Super Thug’ in 1997 put them on the map, they began to spend more time in Virginia Beach, and they soon became one of Master Sound’s regular clients.

What kind of Studio does The Neptunes use?

Three studios hold four Pro Tools rigs; the Amek G2520 console, one of seven prototypes made, is still in Studio A, with Digidesign Pro Controls in Studios B and C. The latter is also Chad Hugo’s personal studio, and is filled with his seemingly infinite collection of Moog and other vintage synths.

What kind of tools do The Neptunes use?

The Neptunes very much complement the technology of their generation; speed is a hallmark of digital recording, and they are nothing if not fast. “I use Pro Tools as a console — I’ll use the Pro Control sometimes, but I’m really a mouse guy,” says Coleman.