What declension is Triclinio?

NOM. triclinium triclinia
GEN. triclinii tricliniorum
DAT. triclinio tricliniis
ACC. triclinium triclinia

What is the triclinium in latin?

A triclinium (plural: triclinia) is a formal dining room in a Roman building. Usually the open side faced the entrance of the room.

What is the meaning of Culina?

The kitchen in an ancient Roman house, or domus.

What is Horto?

[ˈortu] masculine noun. market garden (BRIT) , truck farm (US)

What does Impluvium mean in Latin?

: a cistern or tank in the atrium or peristyle of a house of ancient Rome to receive the water falling through the compluvium.

What is the meaning of a Triclinium?

1 : a couch extending around three sides of a table used by the ancient Romans for reclining at meals. 2 : a dining room furnished with a triclinium.

What does Thermopolium mean in Latin?

Noun. thermopōlium n (genitive thermopōliī or thermopōlī); second declension. thermopolium (place where food and hot drinks were sold) (Contemporary Latin) a place where food and drink are sold, such as a cafe or restaurant.

What is Tablino in Latin?

an office, the office, office.

What does Tablinum mean in Latin?

: a room or alcove between the atrium and the peristyle of a Roman house for storing the family records on tablets.

What declension is cibus in Latin?

NOM. cibus cibi
GEN. cibi ciborum
DAT. cibo cibis
ACC. cibum cibos

What declension is Hortus in Latin?


Case Singular Plural
Nominative hortus hortī
Genitive hortī hortōrum
Dative hortō hortīs
Accusative hortum hortōs

What does Compluvium mean in English?

: a square opening in the roof of the ancient Roman atrium toward which the roof sloped and through which the rain fell into the impluvium.