What comes in the KFC family feast?

KFC – $30.95 Family Feast [10 Original Recipe Pieces, 2 Large Chips, 1 Large Potato & Gravy, 1 Large Coleslaw, 1 1.25L Pepsi Max] | TopBargains.

Does KFC have a family meal deal?

KFC’s $30 Fill Up Deal Comes With Two Full Meals For A Family Of Four. The deal can feed a family of four for two separate meals, and reheating the leftovers is so simple. Each $30 fill up meal comes with a choice of either an eight-piece original recipe or extra crispy chicken and a 12-piece chicken tender.

How much is a family feast from KFC?

KFC UK Menu Prices

Food Price
Family Feast (All include 4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle)
6 Pieces £13.99
10 Pieces £15.99
Ultimate Dips Box (All include 4 Fries)

How much is a 10 piece family feast at KFC?

KFC Menu Prices and Price List UK 2021

KFC Prices UK 2021
Includes Chicken, Fries & Drink
KFC Sharing Buckets
Family Feast – 6 Pieces 13.99
Family Feast – 10 Pieces 16.99

What’s in a KFC Zinger box?

A KFC Zinger Box is a popular meal that includes a Zinger burger, three Wicked Wings, a regular chips, a of potato and gravy and a soft drink.

What is the best family deal at KFC?

The new $30 Fill Up includes KFC’s 8-piece Original Recipe or Extra Crispy, and 12-piece Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders. Each meal also comes complete with a large coleslaw, four biscuits, and two large mashed potatoes and gravy.

How much is a 10 piece family feast KFC?

What do you get in a 10 piece family feast KFC?

Ten pieces of Original Recipe chicken, plus four regular fries, two large sides and a large bottle of drink. A feast fit for the hungriest family.

What comes in a 10 piece family feast?

Why are zinger boxes so popular?

Why Has It Become So Popular? The page started to gain traction around June, at the peak of COVID-19 in Australia. The page has created a space for blokes to share and laugh over the common good found within the succulent Zinger Box.

What do you get for breakfast at KFC?

Besides the blueberry pancakes, the KFC a.m. Family Feast also includes the a.m. Platter. A scrumptious spread of your favourite breakfast food, it comes with the signature Original Recipe chicken fillet, scrambled eggs, a.m. Honey Biscuit and hash brown.

What are the family meals at KFC South Africa?

They have boxed meals, burger & twisters, streetwise, sides, drinks, and treats. You can also enjoy a range of larger meals designed for family and friends to share. The introduction of the family meals, such as the Family Treat and KFC Feast bundles, puts them in direct competition with one of their largest competitors – Nandos.

How many pieces of chicken are in a family feast?

Six pieces of Original Recipe chicken, plus four regular fries, two large sides and a large bottle of drink. A feast fit for the hungriest family. We believe that, in moderation, our food can be part of a balanced diet.

Are there any discounts on fried chicken at KFC?

There are various promos and deals you can take advantage of at KFC. Most of them are KFC restaurant specials, latest fried chicken discounts, and promotions, and offers on Box Meals menu. Usual specials include the new Streetwise Mix with a cheaper price, All-Star Lunch Box, Chicken Lunch box, and Dunked Burger Meal.